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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Some of the things that Dan and I have discovered about people in the south is their strong belief in God, country, to raise respectful children and the right to bear arms.

What I want to talk about is those respectful children.

It appears to Dan and me that the further south you get (we are a bit past Atlanta, Georgia), the more parents instill respect in their children.

It is always, for example "Yes, mamam, Miss Cathy" or "Thank you  Mr. Dan".  While children ARE entitled to their opinion, there is no back-talking (at least not in public; don't know about behind closed doors but my guess is NOPE, not there either!).

Parents go out of their way to teach their children what WE all use to consider to be polite and considerate members of society.  It this happens to involve a swat on the butt or a strong reprimand, so be it whether it happens to be in the grocoery aisle or in the middle of church service...BUT IT WORKS!!!

Children (including those in the teen years who are not so much children anymore) do not spend every waking hour on a phone, on a computer, on some kind of an electronic something or other.  I KNOW they do have video games, X-boxes, Wii's etc...but they are allowed to use them in moderation and to know the difference between when "enough is enough" as far as how INVOLVED one gets with that particular game.

Case in point;  one of the Daddy's that we know purchased a video hunting game for his young son.  Without going into all of the details, let's just say that the son got to a point where he did not want to go further with the game because there were some scary things lurking in the video woods and he didn't want to be surprised by them.  This had happened more than once and the Daddy would try to explain that it wasn't real, etc or the Daddy would play thru this part himself (I believe it was a bear in the woods with sharp claws).  Now, this next part may sound like "over kill" to some of you, but to me I TOTALLY GET IT!!

After about the umpteenth time of this happening and Daddy telling the young man (pretty much all kids, regardless of age refer to their Dad's as their Daddy and I LOVE it!  Everyone can be a father or a Dad, but it really takes a special man to be a Daddy; know what I mean??) that he can simply start the game over, that Daddy was busy...the kid threw a real fullblown hissy fit!  Daddy had had enough and took that game and broke it into a million little pieces....problem solved.

Southern parents take respect for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE very seriously and I think all us Yankess could learn a valuable lesson.

I will try to be better about posting to Yarns and I apologize for the delay, the LONG delay from my previous posts.  Please keep checking back in!!

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