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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Where has this month gone??  I can't believe it is almost October.  I guess that shows me that we HAVE been busy this season because normally by now I'm counting off the days till we leave for Georgia!!!

Well, I had my appointment in Petoskey yesterday and I was not pleased.  My appointment was for 10:00 a.m....not 10 P.M!

The nurse took all the info she needed and said "The Dr will be with you soon."  This was about 10:15.  About 11:00 Dan said HE was going to go set in the truck because he was tired of sitting (hurts his hips and back).

At 11:15, I stuck my head out in the hallway and asked if I'd been forgotten.  Nope, just really busy.

About noon I was rudely awakened from my nap by the Dr FINALLY making an appearance.  I think they were so far behind that I just kind of got "blown off".  The only thing he really said was "I'm sending your sample to the lab and have it tested further.  It looks like there could be a bladder infection so it wouldn't do me any good to do a scope if there is an infection.  Call us Friday morning and we'll go from there"...and out the door he went!  I finally figured out that I was supposed to follow him...

We stopped at the nurses desk and he told her what was going on and to set up a follow up appointment in the Soo the next time they would be there.  I have an appointment to see him October 15th; they are "working me in".  I bet I should reserve a motel room and plan on staying there the night as slow as they are when you HAVE an appointment that you are NOT being worked in for!

Anyway, by the time we got back home, there was a message from my new Dr in Newberry and that I was to call them this morning...which I did.

When he sent me for a bunch of labs the other day (and someone is finally checking my hormone levels; I've been off HRT for about 10 years) he also requested a "specimen in a cup".  I called and was informed there is some type of an infection and they would call in Bactrim.  THEN they called about 40 minutes later and said they'd gotten the sensitivity test (which shows them which drug will work for the type of infection going on) and they were switching it to Augmentin.  I can't wait to call the urologists office tomorrow and see what they have to say and what they would be prescribing...which I will not pick up since I have this Rx.

I finally got a word in  with the urologist while he was telling the nurse this and that and asked him what he could give me for the awful spasms.  He grumpily wrote a Rx and gave me a package of samples of the pill (a weeks worth). 

Since I found out from my NEW Newberry Dr what was going on, I decided to call the local pharmacy and tell them to only bottle up 15 of those pills the Petoskey dr had prescribed.  I'm glad I did because when Dan picked up both Rx's, the total was $115.60!!!  The augmentin was less than $7.00...you do the math!  Cripes!!!  I told the guy that I don't have Rx coverage and I'd appreciate something that wasn't so costly.  I wonder what he would have prescribed if I hadn't said that??!!!

I would like to think of something witty to end with, but right now I'm not feeling to witty.  The only thing I can come up with, considering how damn mad I was (and still am to a point) is that is it better to be Pee'd off than  Pee'd on!  (the polite verbiage...you can figure it out!!)


  1. There is nothing worse than a poorly run doctor's office that keeps a patient waiting,and waiting, and waiting. Ugh. I am so sorry for that ordeal all the way around.
    Hang in there. October 15th is just around the corner.
    xo jj

  2. I'm not impressed with the office and not really looking forward to my next appointment with him since they are "working me in". You are right; time is flying and October 15th will soon be here!!


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