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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I think I mentioned in my previous post that already July 2014 is pretty well booked and after our last caravan of THIS season leaves tomorrow, things will be pretty slow for a couple of days.

The Lumberjack breakfast and festivities is at the logging museum this weekend and we usually get some campers as a result of that, but Dan and I are looking forward to at least ONE quiet day this week!!!  I cannot believe how busy this summer has been for us!!  I hope it is a trend.

We are also counting the days till we close on October 11th.  We have received the GO AHEAD to be at Piedmont NWR by October 30th and ready to work the deer check station.  Last year the bees were so bad that the guys were making “bee catchers” out of empty plastic pop bottles.  And there were a few evenings that it got pretty cold sitting around waiting for the end of the evening (about 10 p.m.).

This morning was my weekly errand morning; the day that Dan dreads.  He does NOT want to have to be the office assistant or manager in my absence, so I try to be quick about my errands.  It wasn’t too hard to be quick about it since I wasn’t feeling all that well anyway.

I left about 8 and was back by 9:30.  The site I was greeted by was seeing Dan thru the screen (in the office window) with the phone to his ear and that panic stricken look that is kind of like the face of a bowling ball.

I was hardly even in the door and he said “I need you in the office NOW!!”.  Well, he HAD finished up with that phone call but really did not want to deal with the person in the lobby.

Nothing against tattoos, but this YOUNG gal was covered in them…and some were not that tasteful if ya know what I mean.  She had on a very low scoop neck short sleeve, sequined “blouse” (??).  After she told me the same story Dan had already heard about traveling ALL night, couldn’t find a place to camp or sleep so she ended up in a parking lot someplace sleeping in her car.  OH, and she said she really needed a shower.

I explained to her that check in time normally wasn’t till 12:30 but since she really needed a shower I would assign a site to her, etc.  .  I told her “$21.00 please.”  She dug around in her bra and handed me a wad of money!!  BOY, I cannot figure out why Dan didn’t want to stick around for that!!!  Poor man, he gets them all!!!
So that’s how it goes here.

I do have a question for you and I would appreciate your honest input.  We have had a very difficult time with all the wifi users this year using up all of our bandwidth.  I actually had to buy another $70 worth in July.  The problem has been (mainly) that everyone in the family has some kind of an electronic device.  I’m sure we all know what the kids must do; download music, videos, etc.

Each guest is allowed one log in coupon with 150 MB upload and download within a 24 hour period.  This is supposed to be monitored by Tengo internet.  Lately they haven’t been doing a very good job of it and I’VE had to be the one monitoring things.  Aside from the fact that they need to do a better job, my question for you is this;
How would you react if you were a guest here and I said “The first two coupons are free, but after that there will be a $1.00 charge per coupon for up to two coupons and $2.00 charge per coupon should you need more than 2 to cover every device in your family”.

I’m thinking about doing this next season , but I would like you to share your thoughts or experiences you may have had at other campgrounds.

Please feel free to share!!!


  1. Charlotte5:05 AM

    If people need to use their electronic devices more than the free coupons allow they should pay extra. You don't have to give them the coupons.

    1. What hurts the whole system are those (normally kids) who try to download videos, music, etc. Don't know if there IS an easy answer, but I appreciate your input!

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    charge them for all access and feel good about it since you will be doing them a favor by encouraging them to leave the electronics off and enjoy da yoop and all it has to offer.

    1. I'm just as guilty as some of our guests, but mine is due to our business and my photos, but I don't have to be tethered to my laptop while we are gone. It amazes me the # of people who sit by a campfire AND WATCH THEIR COMPUTER INSTEAD!


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