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Monday, April 08, 2013


Yesterday, which I THINK was Sunday, we drove all the way over to Calloway Gardens.  The flowers were awesome!!
HOWEVER, someone will be getting a letter from us when we get back home and I can collect my thoughts a bit better.

WE thought that military was free admission.  I need to check their website again to see how it is worded.  Dan presented his military ID and the nice little gal said “We don’t take VA ID.  It has to be current or retired”.  We have run into this before, but really, it does make a vet feel like “SO MY service to MY country doesn’t count?”.  Even if they offered a 20% discount for those who have served, it would be better than this type of slap in the face.

Since we drove about 90 minutes to get there, we weren’t really going to turn around and head back.  $45.00 later we were on our tour of Calloway.  As I said the flowers were awesome, but truthfully, not THAT to the extent of a $45.00 admission.

The day before, we drove over to High Falls State Park to check it out as a possible place to volunteer.  Our cell phone and wifi worked there, so that was a good start.  We spoke with the maintenance volunteer and realized that we had already met him and his wife!  THEY also were at Ga. Veteran’s State Park as camp hosts.

They like their position at High Falls; mainly work at their own pace and as long as they get the work done the rest of the time is theirs.

Speaking of having met someone before, when we drove into this park, Indian Springs, we thought “BOY that 5th wheel looks familiar as does that bright yellow jeep and two golf carts.”  THEY also had been volunteering at the Ga. Vet state park so we visited for a bit last night.

When we returned to our 5th wheel last night, Dan noticed that something had been “digging” in his plants.  He collects acorns from various places that we visit and starts an oak tree.  A SQUIRREL HAD GOTTEN INTO HIS 5 OAK TREES AND TOOK THE NUTS!!!  They left the plant and roots so we’ll see what happens!  To top it off, they’d even tried to dig up a shamrock plant that was given to us by friends at Piedmont!  THIS PLACE IS LOADED WITH NUTS AND PINE CONES!  I guess this was just easy pickings!!!

Tomorrow, we will be leaving Georgia and heading to Cleveland, Tennessee.  I may have mentioned this in my last post??  We both are DREADING that trip around Atlanta.  Dreading doesn’t even begin to cover it for me and I’m just the passenger.  It gives me a gut ache just thinking about it.  Seriously.

So that’s about it for now!  We’ll be glad when we get some place where we have phone and internet.  It is so easy to get behind on things without all those modern conveniences!!!

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