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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


On one of our recent train trips, there was a group 30+ school kids and we were assigned to their car, the Americus car. 

They were all excited about the trip.  The anticipation was over-whelming...I'm KIDDING.

All that was over-whelming was the dollar amount of techno gadgets that these 11 year old kids had!!!

They couldn't hardly keep their hands OFF their gadgets long enough to take hold of the handrail to safely board the train.  They kept bumping into each other as they were walking thru the car to find a seat...their little eyes GLUED to whatever screen they had.

Then the train left!  I thought for sure this would get their attention, which it did...for a nano-second.  Although I will admit, some of the kids used their gizmos as video cameras and just held said apparatus up to the window as the world went rushing by.

These YOUNGSTERS know more about technology that I ever did or ever will.  I have an 8 year old cell phone and I still don't know how to shut the camera off when I accidentally turn it on.  Thank GOD that it knows enough to change it's own time.

And the screens of these I Phones, or I pads or whateverthehell they are..soooo small.  AND the things that these pads or pods can do amazes me, although I doubt I would ever have use of any of the applications that come with or you can buy for these things.

For instance, "teaches you Spanish while you sleep"...don't drain that dainty little battery though.

There is an application for worried daters;
When you enter the number of a new girl, new app on the  phone disables the number for 3 days, preventing you from accidentally seeming like a pathetic, over-anxious lonely loser who is totally desperate for a date.

They also include:  A GPS to help you find whatever it is you are looking for.  There is a monitor someplace in there I am SURE to help you check your glucose level.  It can be used as a metal detector.  

And just like on the lap tops and computer keyboards there is a  scroll lock button for unknown reasons.

The newest I pads have a decibel level meter to measure loudness in rock concerts, airports, and sounds exiting the back of your pants.  If you don't have one of these features, you are already out of date.

It comes with Noise Canceling Headphones (you are absolutely guaranteed not to hear outside noise like fire trucks, ambulance sirens, or an SUV's squealing brakes just before it slams into your legs, crushing you under 7,000 pounds of steel.)  It actually comes with 
2 sets of wireless headphones. Ear buds for summer and big huge headphones that double as ear muffs in winter which are really good in our neck of da woods.

You can also get weather forcasts for anyplace with the patented Doppler 1,000,000,000 technology that is guaranteed to be as accurate as your local TV Weather forecast and/or a polar bear flipping a coin. You don't have that feature either??  Damn!!!!  You ARE behind the times!

But the very best feature is
that it is  capable of sending and receiving text messages, instant messages, email, MySpace messages, phone calls, voice mail, telegraph messages, Morse code, and clicking sounds from African tribes.

 Now if you only had some friends who actually cared enough to contact you...


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  1. If this was a school outing I'm surprised the kids were allowed to have their devices turned on-- then again, they'd have probably driven you nuts if they didn't have them!

    I think we're raising a generation of kids destined to have thumb and wrist problems at very young ages because of the endless use of their devices.

    And I'm pretty sure this comment makes me sound very old! Ha.

    Hope you're feeling good, Cathy. xo jj


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