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Sunday, March 24, 2013



Boy blogger is NOT cooperating today!!!  I wanted the bottom video on top and it won't let me switch it.  My AND HERE'S THE PROOF is supposed to at the top, and neither one of these videos look like they have processed, but when I check them in preview they come up!  Go figure.

Anyway, yesterday was a very long day on the RR but it was made much more enjoyable by being able to spend time with our Piedmont friend, Mary.  The day was rainy so when we arrived in Americus for a 2 hour layover, a lot of people just stayed on the train.  Plains was better and so was Archery.

The day before Dan and I were assigned to a coach car with 69 kids and 7 adults.  The kids ranged from 1st grade to 4th grade and were so well behaved.  I made the mistake of saying so to one of the mothers...on the trip BACK, the chaperones were all very sleepy and the kids had to have been on a sugar high!!!

And on the way back from unloading passengers in Cordele, our conducter made arrangements for me to ride in the engine on the way back to Vet. State Park, where we "park" the train and where we are "living".  When we "parked" the train, the engineer got out of his seat and invited me to set down and "press this button" which said "HORN".  I did and then I pressed it again after I'd given one long "toot"..and realized it is only ONE long blast for when it is safe for passengers to disembark.  OH WELL!!!

To get into the engine, I had to basically run (yep, I said run...more like a lope though) all the way from the commissary car thru the generator car (which is quite impressive and a bit scary and noisy) to get to the engine, which meant going out a door on the generator car, climbing up some very skinny STEEP and very well space apart steps.  I was out of breath by the time I finally made it in the engine.   But it WAS fun!!!!

More later!!!  Hope you can see the videos!!!

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