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Sunday, December 16, 2012


For my song aficionados, there is a song for you to tell me who sang it....

But what HAS been going on...the massacre of little children.  To me, at this point, nothing else really is as important as thinking and praying for the families and this town.

And HOW do we end all this violence?  It sickens me.  WHY do civilians think that they need assault rifles and clips that will hold hundreds of bullets.  I truly don't think when the Constitution was signed in the late 1700's that those "forefathers" ever in their wildest dreams thought there would be weaponry like there is today.

I don't have a problem with civilians having "normal" guns (whatever that is anymore).  Hubby has several guns, I still have a muzzle loader (and I think THAT is the weaponry our forefathers were thinking of when writing the Constitution).

How are those little kids going to feel safe ANY place, let alone going back into that same school?  How are the parents going to let go of their kids to send them to school?

It is bad enough that little girls have to know self defense and "where to kick" and many still lose their innocence if not their lives.

I hope that when President Obama pays his visit to this town and these families that it is NOT televised.  Let them have their privacy and President Obama, keep this visit to yourself as well.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Marvin Gaye...........


  2. Hey Cathy, I hear you!?!?! With everyone in an uproar and so many people devastated by what happened why is it that an elected official thinks teachers and principals should be trained and carrying guns instead of tightening assault weapon laws? It makes me crazy and so very sad.

    On a happier note--

    I'm hoping you're feeling good and enjoying the holidays (and I hope you have some of that leftover deep fried turkey to enjoy).

    Merry Christmas, xo jj


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