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Saturday, November 17, 2012


One of our kids was interested in where we live for the winter on the refuge.  So, here is a collage of photos.

Left to right starting at the top; view from our back window, view from our kitchen window, our yard, view of leaving our part of the refuge, bottom left to right, view coming back to the refuge, view looking out our door towards the back end of our 5th wheel, and last view coming in to our area of the refuge.

It's nice when one of your "kids" takes an interest in what you are doing and where you are doing it!  It use to be the other way around, right?

Tonight is THE LAST NIGHT of the deer hunts of the refuge for this year.  Deer season remains open on state ground though. 

We are all getting a bit punch happy though.  Yesterday morning, there was a small heard of cattle that made its way to the deer check station.  It was as if they could read the signs because they did NOT go beyond the barrels into the part of the refuge where it says "POSITIVELY NO ADMITTANCE"  "DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT!" and things like that.

Hunters can't even follow those signs!  They go right on thru!  More than once they've been chased down and I know that we are all biting our tongue...CAN'T YOU READ???  Especially when there ARE signs that say THIS WAY TO THE DEER CHECK STATION!   A bright yellow sign with huge black letters that states 'HUNTERS WITH DEER ONLY!'  There is a parking area for those who want to come in without a deer just so they can check the stats or ask questions, etc. But lots of times, even THEY don't see that part and end up crossing "the line" that states "NO ONE BEYOND THIS POINT". When they do that, it brings them up on the side of the deer check station and in the parking area for the Federal employees (and us).  DUH!!!

Anyway, the cattle followed the signs on around correctly and ended up at the deer check station.  The farmer in the dell was notified his cows were hoofing it up at the deer check station and finally managed to get them round up and taken off. AND ONLY ONE BIG COW PIE LEFT BEHIND...RIGHT IN TOBY'S YARD!  I warned him about it so he didn't step in it.

So, that was the big excitement for the morning  yesterday.  Not many deer came in and so by afternoon when it was OUR shift it was VERY boring.  The only highlight of the afternoon occurred when Matt looked out towards the entrance by the road and said "What the heck??  Is that a hunter bringing a deer in on a cart?  Where's his truck?"  As we watched the hunter and his cart come closer, we realized it was Erin pushing Ainslee in her stroller.  DUH!!!

The manager who was also the LEO on duty last night, let us leave about 7:30 p.m. instead of staying till 9.   I'm sure he was getting a bit bored since there wasn't many hunters out there to be checking.

Not much more than that to report to ya right now!  If anyone out there knows who was voted in for Luce Co. Sheriff, let me know!!! 


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    According to the Sault Evening News, Erickson won as Sheriff.

  2. Thanks for the info!! I never even thought about checking the Soo news!


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