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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Dan and I just finished up our 2nd week of working the deer check station.

Yesterday was kind of a boring day at the hunt due to the fact many hunters had already left this 3 day hunt and there weren’t very many that came in after 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Actually I think there were only 2.

I shouldn’t say it was boring because it gave us all a chance to know each other a bit better.  Some funny stories were traded and hunting hints exchanged.

But the highlight of the night is when Tom, one of the LEO’s on the refuge, stops by to check in.  I LOVE to listen to his stories, but what MAKES his stories so memorable is HOW he tells them.  He isn’t afraid to get up and “act out” some of the characters, so his tales are sometimes a case of “you have to be there”.

Last week, he was telling us about a suspect that he had pulled over (or maybe the fella was in the campground making a ruckus??).  But anyway, it ended up that this guy was desperate for a smoke and he didn’t have any more paper to roll his own.  But he DID have a Bible!

As our LEO is telling this story, he is acting out HIS part; when the man pulled a page out of the Bible to make a cigarrete, our LEO grabs HIS (the LEO’s) heart and says “Dang, I should arrest you just for that, buddy!”  The guy replies, “Well, hell, it’s only the pree-face of it!”.  I said that maybe this is where “holy smokes!” came from.

Then there are many stories about Bucky, the buck.  It is a deer that they use as a decoy to catch hunters who are dumb enough to go around with either loaded guns (on the roads, in their truck) OR dumb enough to stop and load a gun ON the road to shoot Bucky, who might be 50+ feet off the road into the woods.  Ya need to be 50 YARDS.

During the primitive weapon hunt, one guy stopped his truck in the road and was loading his muzzle loader as quickly as he could; all the while looking around to make sure no one else was coming.  He had his daughter driving the truck.  Again the LEO is acting out a part of this episode; he is playing the part of the hunter trying to ram that muzzle loader full of charge while always looking around to see if anyone else was coming.  As he got ready to aim, they caught him.  Of course, he had some kind of a story that what he was doing was NOT what it looked like he was doing.

There were a few more in there, but it wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t see the LEO act it out.  But last night as he was writing a ticket, in the road, he heard a shot from UP the road, over a hill.  He finished writing the ticket and then proceeded to where he’d heard the shot and the sound of a truck making a quick get away.

In the middle of the road was a pool of blood…and running right up the road from this pool of blood was a trail of blood.  He followed it all the way back to someone’s camp.  When the guys saw him coming they gathered around the back end of their pick up (where a steady stream of blood was coming out).  The conversation started out with the howdy’s, good evenings, how’s it going, and got down to “So, where’d ya shoot the deer that is in the back of your truck?”  The hunters managed to look surprised at the fact there was a deer in the back of their truck, then one of them said “Oh, we just shot her back here a ways.”

The LEO gave them every which way to change their story but they were sticking to it.  So, then HE said “Well, while we following this here trail of blood back down the road, maybe you can tell me more about WHERE you shot this deer.”  Must be hunters think LEO’s are STUPID!!??

Of course, there have been some serious situations too, but fortunately they seem to be few and far between and the funny ones outweigh the ugly ones.

Dan has his 3 day hunt starting on Thursday.  Nathan is going to take him out with him on Saturday, which I am very thankful for.  Nathan got a small buck a couple of days ago, so maybe they will both get a good size deer, doe OR buck doesn’t matter.

So, that’s how it goes in our new neck of da woods!!

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  1. Oh the stories that they can tell. Sometimes I seriously have to think HOW ON EARTH did you think you could get away with that. Congrats to Nathan and best of luck to Dan on their hunt.


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