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Friday, October 19, 2012

O M G !!!

Look at Dan's plate full of food and then guess what the OMG REALLY stands for;

I couldn't even get a shot of MY platter without getting up out of the booth and moving several feet back!

Oh My Gut!!!  Or OUR guts!

There is a wonderful TINY Mexican restaurant we came across last year on our way to Ga.  It is in the town of Cleveland, KY, just a bit north of Chattanooga.

Since today is our 27th wedding anniversary, we decided to stop earlier than planned.  We're camped about 1 mile off from I-75, easy off and easy on.  Anyway, we purposely stopped here so we COULD go to this El Hamous (I think that is how it is spelled!!).  The food is SOOOO good.  We both should have gotten a box to take "home" the rest of it so we could have made room for the fried ice cream.

Dan had the sirloin tips burrito grande and I had the, of course, chicken chimichanga platter.  Both came with the guacamole "salad" and plenty of sour cream and refried beans and rice.  Dan said even the "slimy green stuff" was good (AKA guacamole).  It's a good thing we don't splurge like this often!!!  We'd be gaining weight instead of managing it!

Since arriving in Tennessee, we wondered why everything in the distance looked so hazy.  We knew it wasn't fog but we finally found out it IS the dust from that horrendous dust storm that was in Oklahoma.  Amazing!!  Imagine what it was like THERE!!

Tomorrow, we're going only as far as Calhoun, Ga and spending a couple of nights there.  We want to go to Mercier's apple orchard which is over by Blue Ridge, Ga.  We've heard really good things about this orchard.  And we KNOW we can get excellent yellow delicious apples down here.  Then Monday, after rush hour should be over, we will be headed south of Atlanta to Piedmont NWR....then we can finally set up our "house"!  Right now, I've still got all my office stuff packed away as well as the majority of dishes.  At least we DO know where our clothing is!

UNLEADED GAS IS $3.29 AND DIESEL IS $3.78!  When we left Newberry, we were paying $4.29 for diesel!!    We had been getting pretty good mileage pulling our 5th wheel, but when we started climbing the hills in Tn, and bucking winds blowing right at us out of the south, it didn't take long to drop down to 10.8.  We HAD been 11.6 coming thru the smaller hills in Ky...and south winds too.

So, I guess that's about it for this time!

Catch up with ya later!!!

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