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A long time ago, I was a child. (I started out as Cathy First from Colon, Mi.) For the past several years I’ve been an adult. A lot of things went on between those two stages of life; probably no more or no less than anyone elses. My husband and I moved to “da U .P” from southern Lower Michigan several years ago (yes we were trolls at one time). We owned and operated and operate Clementz’s Northcountry Campground and Cabins just north of Newberry, Michigan until May 2015. We have grown kids and grandkids (who all live downstate). My passion is life and all that Nature has to offer us and trying to photograph it in unique ways. Our intention in life is to see all that Nature has to offer us. We hope that you will be a part of our adventures as we cruise through our lives together. Come back often!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We made it to our “winter home” on Monday afternoon.

We work the next three days from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the deer check station.  And the following week we work the same hours.

It happens that my ^)th birthday is on Saturday so we won’t do anything about it till Sunday when we are off.  The Green Tomato festival is at Juliette starting on Saturday so we’ll be able to go to that on Sunday.  There is a Greek restaurant in Macon that I would like to try so we may go there on Sunday for my b’day.

It is HOT.  It cools off about 2 a.m. so by then it is comfy sleeping weather.  Right now, it is 82 degrees.  This weekend there is a cool down expected and highs are only supposed to be in the 60’s at some point this weekend.

You know how much I hate spiders, but you also know that I have a certain fascination for their handywork…webs.  I love to photograph the spider webs and if I can catch a spider in that shot, so much the better, but believe me I do it from a safe distance.  Since I always have my camera around my neck and not just holding it by hand, if a spider jumped on my camera, I would be screwed.

I spent a lot of time researching Georgia spiders trying to figure out what this one is, and the only name I can come up with must be in Latin or some foreign tongue.

According to what I came up with, this spider is called

I know what the translation is…DO YOU???

 In the bottom photo, if you look in the upper left corner, you will see another web. It appeared "he" was the only spider there, so I can only assume he was running 3 webs.

So, we're getting settled in and figuring out where to put everything.  We've managed to catch up  with everyone except Toby (I THINK he's hiding from us), Carl and Glenn (Glenn is off due to rotatorcuff surgery).  We haven't seen the two LEO's but we really didn't see them much when we were here before, but I'm sure with hunting season starting tomorrow and campers pulling into the Federal "campground" we will see one of them or both of them at some point!

Keep checking back!!!

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  1. I hate spiders, but I hate snakes more..
    Those webs look similar to the ones in my backyard..UGH!!!
    I would like to have 82 degrees back in my neck of the woods...It has been cool here...bones don't like cold..Was born in the UP of the UP..YEP,, I'm an ex Yooper...
    Love from NC


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