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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while; been kind of busy, but I'm still here!!

Dan and I did our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart in Forsythe today.  We also picked up an old fashioned blood pressure monitor with attached stethescope.  Dan doesn't trust the "new fangled" ones.

So, any-hoo

While we were shopping there was a blaring announcement over the PA system.  It was hard to understand it because it WAS so loud.  At the same time, all the ceiling lights started going off and on.  A lot of what was said was totally hard to understand because, as I said, it was so loud.

The gist of it was "ATTENTION SHOPPERS!  Due to circumstances, it is necessary for everyone to evacuate the building.  Please leave your carts where they are and quickly proceed IN AN ORDERLY MANNER to the exit.  We will let you know when it is safe to re-enter."

I put down the roast I was looking at.  Dan and I decided to head to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion.  We were almost to the doors and we noticed that a lot of people didn't look the least bit concerned and were pushing their "buggies" (AKA, shopping carts to northerners) as if everything was fine.  Dan and I did NOT want to get shot or whatever the reason was for the evacuation.

There were about handful of people heading for the exit, and they seemed in a hurry.

A woman pushing a cart said, "It is just a test.  One of the checkers just told me so."  So, Dan and I are still wondering do we proceed or go back to where we left our cart of groceries??

We went back to the cart.

A couple of minutes later, another voice came over the PA system letting us know this had been a test and that everything was fine.

The other announcement was a pre-recorded thing and as I have stated, it was very hard to understand.  I think they need to work on THAT recording before they attempt any more testing.

I always panicked when anyone mentioned the word TEST....so I reacted as I should have I guess??!!

Lake Michigan is supposed to get 24-30 foot waves tonight I heard.  That would be something to see, however, our prayers and thoughts are with all of those that are suffering thru Sandy.


BBBWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHH......in honor of Halloween and creepy things, here is a photo of one of the native spiders.....

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