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Thursday, October 04, 2012

A IS FOR.....

I THINK at one time I had gone thru the alphabet and used each letter to try to come up with something that began with that letter that I did not like.  I'm going to do it again because I KNOW there is more than just one thing per letter, so see how MY dislikes correspond with yours!!

A  ANCHOVIES, they look like wet centipeds and they are way too salty (the anchovies I mean).  I ate ONE anchovie and that is why I did not eat two.

     ALGEBRA, I just don't get it...plain and simple.  Math was NOT my thing.

     ANTS, they may be fun to watch but when they bite, it hurts.  AND they like to get in the hummingbird feeders.

     ARACHNIDS, anything that has that many legs, a bunch of eyes and possibly will eat its mate is not to be trusted.  Did you hear there has been a "brand new" spider discovered in Texas???  It is stopping a $15 million highway!!!  See???  What did I tell you!  There is something just plain B A D about spiders!  I guess the only thing going for this spider to make it less creepy is that is has NO EYES!!  Here's the link to just one of the stories;  RARE SPIDER FOUND IN TEXAS

B  BATS, OK, MICE don't scare me except for the illnesses they can cause, but what DOES scare me is a mouse who can fly and suck the blood out of ya when you lease expect it.  I keep a badminton raquet handy for the "just in case" issues.  So far, I haven't had to use it where we live now.

     BUNSEN  BURNER   I know these have a place in the scientific scope of things, but they also can singe ones eyebrows off if you get too close.  Don't ask me why or how, but it did happen.  I looked very expressionless for quite a while. Ya just don't want to lean in too close while wearing a fuzzy winter cap.  Everything tends to go up in flames.

     BALLOONS  How can you trust something that is a flexible bag designed to be inflated with hot air?  You squeeze all the air in your lungs into this bag and what do you get in return???  You just KNOW at some point that damn thing is going to go POP right in your face.  And then all that bad breath is let back out into the world.  If the mad scientists of the world could figure out a way to harness the electricity that can come from rubbing a balloon on your hair, it MIGHT be worth my effort to try to get over my fear!

C  CREME DE MENTHE  Too much of it is not good for you and will leave you not liking so much as a grasshopper pie.  However, the Andes creme de menthe candies are acceptable, but in moderation.

     COB WEBS They usually contain arachnids.  I realize that some people put a lot of stock in having to brush away cob webs in their wine cellar...like it makes the wine better??

Well,that's about it for today.  How does my list compare with YOUR list?  I realize we are just to the C's so there is a long way to go.  It may take us as far as Georgia!!


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