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Thursday, August 23, 2012


I received an email alert this morning that a package that I ordered  yesterday has shipped...and I am counting the hours till it gets here.

It is coming from an online store called HerRoom.com

For years, I have had an allergy to latex, but it has fortunately only affected certain parts of my anatomy, so I make sure, even though it is in my medical charts to remind the Doc of this "ailment".

Now, however, it seems to be affecting me in other ways too.  And until I did some research the last couple of days I had NO idea that bras made in China or Taiwan can contain pesticide (to help not get buggy bras on the way to hold up and comfort American bosoms.)

I also did not know there is formaldehyde in bras.  I mean, after all, there are trees in toilet paper, so it only stands to reason....

I did not know there is nickel in bras, in the under-wires or the fasteners.

But what I found out was I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS ALLERGIC REACTION!  I found photos of women who also suffer from the latex in their bras, nasty rashes under their boobs.  I had tried various anti-itch creams and even bought a small container of Gold Bond powder.  By the time I finally found that, I was irritated enough under my boobs that even that made it worse.

So, the past couple of days, I've been using soft hankies to put between my skin and my bra...front AND back (because my back itches too, but doesn't have the rash).  And it feels so much better.

This started this previous winter when we were working in Georgia and I just attributed it to getting over heated while we were working outside.  But it has started happening with more frequency and I haven't been working outside.

My search led me to various websites for "cotton bras" and let me tell you the ones I found are very ugly and don't look comfy OR supportive.  BUT, I finally found one made by Playtex.  Believe me, it isn't a feminine looking bra (and let's face it women, most of us DO like to feel feminine) but it isn't totally ugly either.  And it was on sale.  As most of you know, I'm a Yooper at heart and I don't try to make a fashion statement, but I DO enjoy nice underclothing!  What is on the outside can be a different story, as you can see by my most recent photo....

I sure hope this solves the issue so then I can deal with what elastic in my socks are starting to do to my legs.

In case anyone has the same problem and can't find what you are looking for, go to
HerRoom .

Is this all part of the aging process???


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Guess I would have to be a boob to even comment on this.


  2. HA! Good one! I will admit that I haven't had to stuff my bra with hankies since 5th grade!!

  3. Hi Cathy- I had exactly this same problem big time after going through radiation. I was using a prescription medication for excema that usually fixes any rash and it was doing nothing. The dermatologist was right on with it needing a combination of two different creams as there were two different types of skin irritations involved. Worked immediately! I am also allergic to latex and never even thought about that being an irritation in the bra area. . Good information. . . .thank you! And afer all my surgeries a little hankie stuffing on one side wouldn't hurt!

  4. Sandy, I never gave something like that a thought before. That had to have been miserable combined with everything else you were going thru! So far this new bra feels a LOT better than the other ones (which are also Playtex but are more feminine and colorful that this one).


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