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Thursday, August 09, 2012


We sure haven't led a very exciting life lately, eh?  Maybe that is good??

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler.  GREAT sleeping weather.  It was about 46 when I headed out to check the bathhouse about 5 a.m. (still on the dark side too!) but it felt good!  We're still sleeping with the windows open; love listening to the night sounds (well, except for the logging trucks that start going by about the same time I got up!).

They have really been bringing the logs back from up north of us.  I can't believe that all of that is from the fire area, but it must be.  Some of these logs are HUGE.  Normally they are cut in half and a semi is pulling two pups full of logs.  But yesterday there was a couple of trucks that went by with one long trailer loaded with very long logs.  Must be those will have a special purpose.

In about a month, we'll be bringing Gracie home to get started loading up for being gone this winter.  We still haven't heard anything concrete yet about a couple of positions we have applied for for Jan-April.  I'm hoping we get the one at the Veteran's State Park in Georgia.  We've already had our background tests and passed those.  At least I didn't have to try to give any finger prints this year!  Remember how my fingers don't print??!!!

We've had a few moments to talk with some of the kids here from the Tamarack Camps.  One of the counselors is from Israel.  She has already had her "stint" in the army.  I can't remember, but it seems like everyone who graduates from high school has to put in two years or three years (that's what I can't remember).  She loves America but misses her boyfriend in Israel and when she returns home, she hopes to go to medical school there.

I'm going thru 10 pounds of sugar a week just trying to keep the hummers happy.  Out of that 10 pounds last week I DID use two cups to make a cake.  I'm making close to a gallon every 3rd day.  We've got 5 feeders going and could actually stand to put up a couple more, but I'm not going to buy more.  We haven't had THIS many hummers in MANY, MANY years.

We have some guests arriving tomorrow from Maryland.  They were originally going to use their pop up camper, but on their way here (while touring other sections along the way) they had an "accident".  So, they will be staying in the Little Lodge for six nights.  The accident could have been a LOT more serious than it ended up being and now that it is over, I think they can laugh about it just a LITTLE bit....they were driving down the highway when all of a sudden, they saw their pop up PASS THEM ON THE DRIVERS SIDE!!!  Somehow the thing managed to tear the back end off their vehicle just enough that it came lose and away it went!  I couldn't help but think of the lyrics "I was driving down the road trying to loosen my load"...  

I'm sure it had to have taken a couple of seconds to realize that wasn't right!  Anyway, the camper careened down the road, finally crossed in front of them and went off the side of the road and rolled over and over.  It was a total loss.  They and everyone else on that stretch were pretty lucky that was all that happened.  But doesn't this sound like a script for a Chevy Chase vacation movie???

I guess other than being entertained by the hummers, we really don't have a lot to talk about!!  Camping is going about like it did last year but now with the price of fuel being what it is it seems like things are slowing down.  We've had a couple of cancellations due to fuel prices.  Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin seem to be getting gouged.

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  1. Charlotte9:08 AM

    Glad to hear you are getting hummers. I haven't since any at our feeder but Jim says he sees one in the morning once in a while. I think most of them have gone north because of the heat and drought we've had. We well be getting some cooler weather for the next few days. Thank goodness.


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