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Friday, August 03, 2012


My visit with the new Chiropractor went about as expected...my pain in my neck is all in my head.

Not really, but a majority of my pain stems from my right joint at the top of my spin being out of whack.  I told the Dr that when I have the horrible headaches at night, they are always in that one spot and it felt like that side of my head at the base was larger than the other.  I found out it IS.

And the horrible bring me to my knees pains that I was having in the side of my neck WAS muscle spasms.  He feels we have a lot of work to do and isn't sure if there will be any thing that will get my joint in the right spot, but at least hopefully I can get some relief.  Not feeling too badly at the moment.

Can you smell that???  Take a whiff....I'm trying a new Swiss steak recipe in the crock pot and it really smells good.  We even had some fresh carrots from Dan's garden to add to it.  I hope it tastes as good as it smells.  Another 6 hours and we'll know!!!

I don't like to iron.  When I buy clothing I always make sure it doesn't say anything about ironing, or it has a tag that says  "IT MAY REQUIRE A BIT OF IRONING".  So far, to date, anything that I've had that has a label to that effect did NOT require a bit of ironing.  Well, the blouse I just took out of the dryer looks like hell...it WILL need ironing.  Guess how old my iron is?  It is one with a cloth insulated cord.  Does that tell you anything?  I think I got it in 1971.  And my ironing board is a little 3' job with 6" legs on it.  Yep, I'm really into ironing....

The apples are falling off the trees, the leaves are curling up on the maples and falling off.  I think it is too late for any amount of rain to help with any crops that are suffering.  We had a TON of blossoms on our apple trees; we thought we'd have a ton of apples.  But they are little bitty things and not that plentiful.

Well, guess that about covers it for this time!

have a great weekend!!

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