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Friday, July 27, 2012


What'll they think of next!!??



And here is just ONE of the many photos on the website for this new trend....

What a great idea!!!

But then, I think I still would have to send a note with Dan reminding him that when I said I needed two pounds of ground beef to NOT bring home the makings for a turkey dinner (yep it happened).  Check out the link for many more photos!!

So, here it is almost the end of July; the days are getting shorter, and so is my temper.

I'd done pretty well this summer season.  I hadn't wanted to throttle any of our guests or people who were thinking about staying here.  But this past week has been a trial.  It is a very long story but let me just try to shorten it a bit.

Two RV'ers, traveling together, made their reservations in May  for 2 full hook up sites for this past week.  They were each staying three nights.  Upon arrival they informed me they were only staying one night.  I kindly explained to them that in their copy of the cancellation policy was the info they needed in order to not be responsible for those additional nights and it did not include letting me know the day of arrival.  They countered with "Well, we didn't know there wasn't much for kids to do here."  ME:  "I see that you found us by our website, which is a very thorough website letting people know exactly what we have here, and  now you are telling me there isn't enough to entertain the kids?"  Well, the discussion went down hill from there and I already had other people in the lobby waiting to register.  So I politely told them I would ignore our policy THIS time and would cancel their additional days.  It takes a while to undo and redo a reservation, let alone two of them...and by this time I had a 5th wheel sitting in the driveway with his "butt" almost out in the road.

I finished registering them (after cancelling those other two days) and sent them to their sites, and managed to get everyone else that was waiting to their site.

About 3 hours later, these same two women came back, credit cards in hand and said they decided after all to stay the additional nights.  I almost was giddy to let them know I had already rented those sites and they were no longer available.  Talk about being as mad as a couple of wet hens!  At first they didn't believe me, then when they finally realized I meant it, they got mad...and sputtered all the way out the door and down the sidewalk.  I had offered to put them on water and electric sites but they didn't want to have to move.

By now, I was getting geared up to throttle someone.  And right now, I don't even want to go into the next "story".  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

On a brighter note, the hummers are very busy at the feeders!  Our guests are enjoying watching the little things.  It amazes ME how many people have never even seen a hummer!  They are just like kids with a new toy!  I love it when we can be a part of helping guests discover Mother Nature!

Well, that's how it goes from OUR neck of da woods!  How about yours??!!


  1. Serves them right to have lost their opportunity to stay longer....I would not have the patience you have to deal with the "ugly" people you deal with for sure!

  2. I second what Joan said....Makes you wonder why people bother to go to new places when they don't thoroughly check it out. How do you not thoroughly research a new area you wish to travel too? Trenton would murder me...and I would probably hand him the weapon of choice cause he would drive me nuts!

  3. Charlotte3:45 PM

    I would not be as patience as you were. It was their lose for canceling and then changing their minds.
    Glad your hummers are visiting. I've not had one visit all summer. Guess they don't like the neighborhood.


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