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Sunday, June 03, 2012


Did you ever think about all the songs written about time or at least with the word time as part of the lyrics?


Must be I have "too much time on my hands".  (Yep, readers, that is a song title)

And there is Time Has Come Today, Time Won't Let Me, Somewhere in Time, Time is on my Side, Summertime Blues, Time In a Bottle, (I've Had) The Time of my Life, Love Me Two Times and the list goes on and on. 

But in our case, our time is literally disappearing!  And it keeps getting harder to tell what time it is?  Does Any Body Really Know What Time it is?  (I had to throw at least ONE more in here)

We have a digital clock that sets on the TV in the bedroom.  It has such pretty blue digital numbers, about 3" high.  It would make a good spotlight or could possibly be used to signal ships at sea...it is THAT bright.  It use to bother us so much that I would put a white hanky over it and fasten a rubber band around the bottom of the hanky so it was a good fit over the clock.

We finally got use to the bright blue and it doesn't bother us anymore...except for NOW the digital numbers are losing some of their "parts" and starting to fade away.

When you happen to look at the clock blurry eyed, trying to see if it really is time to get up, you can get a very false reading.  Me thinks it is TIME to invest in a new clock.

Back in my first life around as a wife, I bought a backwards clock.  The numbers were backwards and the clock ran counter-clock wise.  People had a hard TIME figuring it out.  And when the power had been off and the clock (which was a wall clock) needed to be reset, I was the only one who could set it properly.  Must have something to do with being left  handed.

My Grandma Cory bought our little girl (well she was little at the time) a clock that was supposed to look like a black and white cat; the eyes went back and forth to mark the seconds and the tail switched back and forth too.  The clock part was in the "tummy area".  For a while, it gave our little girl nightmares, then when the clock died, you'd have thought she had lost her best friend.  What a TIME she had with that clock.

And watches...don't even go there.  ME??  I go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest watch I can find.  I don't need anything with bells, whistles, alarms, stop watch, a starters pistol, a can opener or one that tells military time.  Just a plain, old watch.

Dan?  He is VERY hard to please when it comes to watches.  It has to  have the right type of band, the face of the clock can't be obnoxious or stick out like a sore thumb, but he wants it large enough he can read it without a magnifying glass and he likes one that lights up (not sure why).  Taking him to get a watch is like pouring cold molasses out of a jar.  

The last watch he purchased WAS at Wal-Mart.  It wasn't exactly what he was looking for but was close enough and he really needed a watch.  We paid for it at the jewelry counter.  Normally the person waiting on you asks if you want to wear the watch and then removes it from the booby trap that the watch in on...and then sets it to the correct time.

We didn't think too much of it that she didn't offer to do that for Dan till we got back home.

We pulled the miniature direction sheet out, got out the magnifying glass to try to read the damn thing and went to work trying to set the damn watch.  It is NO WONDER she didn't offer to remove it from the booby trap and set the time.  I bet it took me 30 minutes easily to get that watch set and not have it on military time.

But in the middle of the night, the watch started beeping.  So I tried the next day to get rid of that alarm and all I succeeded in doing was setting it at a time during daylight hours, which we didn't realize till later that day.

It took about 4 days of experimenting to get the darn thing set so it wouldn't beep, hummmmm, or be on military time.  I told Dan if he touched ANY of those little buttons and reset ANY part of that watch, he was on his own.

Currently, it beeps at 3:00 p.m. which is 15 hundred military time...does that tell you anything?

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