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Friday, June 01, 2012


The fire did NOT change much yesterday so that is GREAT news.  It is still 57% contained and there is rain in our forecast for later today and for Saturday.

The bad news is how this is all affecting businesses in the area, ours included.

People are hearing such horrific stories that the figure the WHOLE U.P. is on fire and that is NOT the case.  I know we have lost a couple of reservations, including one for 6 nights for a cabin and motels in town are getting cancellations as well.

Channel 9 & 10 news has done a story about how this is affecting us up here and are doing their best to stifle people's concerns about coming to our area.  One statement that they make in this news story is "If you have any concerns, call the businesses in Newberry for update"  (or something to that effect).  I can tell you that even if that person calls you, chances are they are NOT going to believe you (as this has happened to us last week).
One caller who cancelled said "But my only way back home is across the Mackinac Bridge!"  I could NOT convince her that the fire was not any where's close to US OR the Mighty Mac.

The loss of business for US isn't as bad as it was for the Sleeper Lake fire in 2007 (and again, WE WERE SAFE) but that fire WAS a lot closer.   However, it IS affecting local tourism and those people who are making the decision to  NOT come are loosing out.

Help spread the word, the U.P. IS NOT ON FIRE!!!!

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