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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ya never know what kind of stories and rumors you will hear in a situation such as the Duck Lake Fire.

Most stories are of someone's loss or some stories are truly exaggerated (THANK YOU DETROIT FREE PRESS FOR THE HEADLINE 'THE U.P. IS ON FIRE!!'  Not appreciated)

But every once in a while, a humorous story CAN come out of something like this fire.

For instance;
I was talking with a YOUNG man from the National Guard and thanked him for being here helping.  I asked how much the rain helped yesterday and he said that it had to have helped.  He said the reason he didn't know HOW much it helped was because they dropped the Bambi bucket in the lake.  I THOUGHT he meant they dumped the WATER in the lake.

Nope, they actually LOST the bucket in the lake.  The harness rigging had come loose and I guess when they filled it, the weight was too much and the bucket is in the lake.  He didn't say WHICH lake.

So their will be skin divers assisting in retrieving the bucket which does NOT float.  I wish I could be THERE for photos!!!

We are getting another fire crew sometime today.  If they need anything, I will let you all know.  If I didn't mention it yesterday, our good neighbors, Jackie Green and her daughter Judy Haupt brought down boxes and bags of towels and toiletries for the guys and one gal already here, plus Judy dropped off a couple dozen muffins for them last night.

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