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Thursday, May 31, 2012


With Facebook being so widely used, people are able to get updates and info about the Duck Lake Fire more easily than when we had the Sleeper Lake Fire, August 2007.

But some of the things that aren't being told (probably because of lack of time more than anything) is the out pouring of generosity from not just OUR community, but from places as far away as England and I believe I was even told someone in France.

There has been an extraordinary amount of monetary donations; anything from $5.00 to $500.00.  One little boy took his hard earned money and purchased Gator Aide for the Duck Lake Fire Center.  Others have called the Rahilly IGA store and have given their credit card number and a dollar amount of what to purchase on behalf of the firefighters (and THESE were people from DOWNSTATE!).

People have driven all the way up from southern lower Michigan to bring up goodies and supplies and then after they unloaded, they turned around and went home.

Surrounding towns have collected and donated.  Others keep calling to see what they can do.  Many locals have baked and cooked dishes and left off at the Center.

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital took the wet sleeping bags from the crews that were staying here and dried them.  (We "lost" our two crews due to the nasty weather conditions, but fortunately, they have been housed elsewhere INDOORS and out of the cold, wet weather.  Half are at the Masonic Lodge and the others are at the Field-house at the sports field).  And Harold Dishaw opened up his closed laundromat to help out with doing laundry for the crews.

The donations have been SO MUCH that the DNR has had to request a hold on them for now because there is no room.  But, I think that if you really wanted to, that Mary Archambeau at the Fire Center (AKA Teen Center) would find room for it there.

In the evening, when it is about time for the firefighters to return to Newberry, residents line the streets, rain or shine, cheering and waving and just letting the firefighters know how much they are appreciated.  EVERY NIGHT.  And sometimes the fighters don't all come thru in one group.  It may be 10 or 15 minutes between groups of equipment and trucks and firetrucks.

So there is a little view for you into what life is like in the little community of Newberry, Michigan when things are at their worst.  Kind of proud to be here, eh?

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  1. That's the kind of town I want my son to grow up in! The kind of community where everyone pulls together when times are tough...


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