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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Where did I leave off....OH!  Trying to get Dan in the truck and lock the doors, right?

While Dan was complaining about his trip to the bowels of Wal-Mart in search of bread and milk, I was trying desperately to explain to him about the weirdo looking for his wife.  BTW, Dan's observation; ALL WAL-MARTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL, NOR ARE THEY LAID OUT THE SAME.

WE finally made it out of the parking lot alive, didn't get kidnapped, wife nabbed or anything.  But the guy settled into that car beside our truck as we were backing up.  I figured if he approached us again, I'd just put my bloody paper towels and napkins up to my face...seemed to work before.

I was still trying to tell Dan about what had transpired and my tongue was bleeding again so the conversation didn't go well.

As I was still ranting about the would be molester or pervert or whatever that guy was, Dan reminded me we were going to get fuel before we went back to the campground so start looking for "that diesel pump".

I don't know how YOU all feel about the pay ahead before you pump places, but we don't like them.  I've always had a weird feeling about swiping a card at one of the pumps.  I'm sure by now you are aware of the thieves who have some how managed to install a techno gadget into/under those card readers so when you slide your card, those people are retrieving all that info on that magnetic stripe.
I always go inside and tell the cashier we want to fill up our tank and want to pay cash and I promise I will stay RIGHT THERE GLUED TO THAT SPOT until Dan has finished.

As I was staying right there glued to that spot and hoping that my tongue issue didn't start up again, I noticed the weirdo from Wal-Mart parking lot was in there!  He wasn't asking anyone of they'd seen his wife and I really was curious if he had a wife, if so had she appeared in the car, if he found  his blow up doll, or if the wife DID exist, did he  just drive off and leave her at Wal-Mart??



Dan finally finished pumping fuel and I handed over $104.36 (36 gallon tank).  I saw the pervert approach the other cashier and I'll be damned if he didn't ask 'HAVE YOU SEEN MY WIFE?'

I was very glad to leave that area of Sevierville and head back to our campsite...which was about 1/4 of a mile away and I also was very glad that we didn't see that guy there!

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