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Thursday, April 05, 2012


We are bird watchers, and listeners (meaning we may not SEE the bird but we can hear it and usually identify it).

For as long as we have been here, we have yet FOR SURE to see the protected red cockaded woodpecker...just where it lives and drills holes.  We think we have heard the little bird, but haven't seen it.

And there is another bird that we have seen and have heard...that little chirpy wren.

They are so cute.  They always look like they've got their little butts up in the air, strutting their stuff.  You would think THAT alone would be enough to get them a mate.  Who could resist that???  What bird in her right mind would let that get away from her???

Well, apparently that little male bird works long into the night trying to attract a suitable mate for his home.  I have never heard a bird chirp well into the night.  I have never wished for a bird to get laid.  But I did for this bird.

I don't know how many nights we would hear him chirping well after we'd gone to bed.  And with the quietness here, his little chirp sounded magnified to the point ear plugs would have been welcome.  Why didn't he save his voice for the daytime when there might be more sensible little female wrens around???

Well, FINALLY we figured he got laid!  We hadn't heard him in a couple of nights.  What a relief.  Let peace reign supreme!!!

However, there was even a larger bird who decided to scream into the night and then early morning hours.  I recognized the call, but couldn't place it.  IT DAWNED ON ME IT WAS A PEACOCK! 

All the time we've been here, we never heard a peacock!  And there is no zoo nearby.

BUT, we found out there is a family up the road who has peacocks, burros and I don't know what else.  Must be he is now in search of a mate....

Who'd have thought birds could be so disturbing with their sex life??


  1. wilson10:49 AM

    ahh....a lesson about the birds and the .... wheres the bees??

  2. The bees sleep at night I think, but I do have pictures of them buzzing around before I hypnotized them!


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