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Monday, April 09, 2012


A belated Happy Easter to everyone!

Hope you had a great time and that the kids found all of the Easter eggs the"bunny" hid.  And as parents YOU need to make sure that all those eggs are accounted for and consumed within the next several days.

I say this because of something I did as a kid.  I HID my Easter eggs in my dresser.  Mom and Dad didn't know it...until several days (maybe weeks??) later this awful stench was coming from my bedroom.  Yep, I had rotten hard boiled eggs hidden in my dresser.  I personally don't remember this but it seemed to be one of Mother's favorite stories to share with prospective boyfriends (way back when).

We have been in Sevierville, Tn since Friday afternoon.  Saturday we went to Cade's Cove.  It was fairly busy but not to the point that we couldn't enjoy  ourselves.  The weather was perfect.  The 11 mile loop road thru the Cove had recently been re-paved, which is great...except that now there are no split rail fences along the road.  They have been replaced with strand fence.  We didn't see nearly the amount of deer that we have in previous trips.

We did see idiot parents with their children (and I mean maybe as young as 3 years old) riding on the roof of their vehicle.  Or parents with children who were riding in vans propping both sliding back doors open and the kids either sitting on the floor of the backseat with their feet touching the pavement or standing up and hanging out the back door.  I'm sorry, but this just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Sunday we took the drive on Roaring Fork which is also a one way trip.  Some of the trees are so close to the road that once or twice I thought I'd have to pull in the passenger side mirror to make it thru.  And once again we had beautiful weather.  From there we went to Cherokee.  Didn't spend much time there.

Today we are going to Smokey Mountain Knife Works which is north of us maybe a couple of miles.  There is also a cast iron pots and pans place right next to it that we want to visit.  From there we are heading back into Pigeon Forge to go to the Old Mill "complex".  Tomorrow we hit the road and will go about 1/2 ways between here and Wixom, Michigan.

General RV needs to rotate our 5th wheel tires and fix the water heater.  We will leave our 5th wheel off on Thursday afternoon, pick it up on Saturday and head on home.

I thought I would post a couple of photos, but Blogger is NOT cooperating!  Next time, or check out my FB Photo-phanalia page.

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