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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


That is the newest acronym.  It is pronounced WHIP.

It stands for Will You Hold Please.

I invented it yesterday...after being asked that several times and being transferred 5 times (only to end up with some guy who was very rude; his rudeness did NOT quite match mine though)

It was suggested to me that we could get a Direct TV package for our RV and it would help solve all of our internet connection issues (I DID find a webpage with Direct that explained about their bundles for Rv'ers and it DID include internet service, but did not explain anything else).

The guy I finally ended up with said "Yes, you can get Direct TV for your RV.   We do not provide any equipment (like they do for your home or business).  You have to go to Camping World or some such place and purchase and install the equipment yourself.  Then call us and we'll set up the account.  But we do not provide internet service".  ARRGGGHHH!!!!!

By then I just didn't want to talk with him so I didn't argue that I'd find a page on their website, etc etc.

SO, I emailed the same person that I had an email from telling me that I needed to call them.  And I basically asked him if he had any more bright ideas.

He emailed back and said he WOULD have someone that knows what is going on get back to me within a couple of days.  We will see, but in the meantime please feel free to use WYHP.

Yesterday was not our normal work day but since Dan missed work two days last week, we are trying to make it up.  So, we painted boundary trees again.

I think I explained that to you but in case I did not; Dan uses a bark scraper to scrape off old paint and bark on the trees that need to be painted.  I then slap on some bright yellow paint about 1/3 of the way around the front of the tree.  This paint is remarkable.  You can get it on you just by walking past it.  I've never seen such paint that is so easy to get on you.

We were told when we started this project that if we come across any trees that were painted previously but are dead to find a new tree to paint.  I think we were both getting a little punchy by yesterday afternoon.  Even in the great outdoors this paint STINKS.

I know DAN was getting punchy because every time he had to scrape a new tree he spoke to the tree...he said "WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!"

This is a one of the fire photos I took a couple of nights ago.  They burned behind our "home".

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