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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yesterday we worked at the office; Dan was helping Glenn with a remodeling project and I was working on scanning OLD slides into the FWS computer system.

But first, before we did that, we went out taking photos in the morning.  It was foggy and the sun was coming up and you know what kind of beautiful shots you can get...if you are patient and have time. 

There was another  OLD cemetery that we were told about that I wanted to get shots of.

We were a bit short on time.

I was waiting for the sun to peak above the loblolly pine tree tops and it took forever so I didn't get the shot(s) I was hoping for.  So we may go back this morning...it's still dark so I don't know what the sky will look like.

When we got to the office, Carolyn, (our boss and assistant manager) asked me if I could do her a favor....could I go back out and take photos of the "dew cups" created by all the spider webs.  Truly neither Dan nor I have seen so many of these dew cups as Carolyn calls them.  We have them back home, but not to this extent. 

Of course, we didn't mind going back out!!  Try as I might, I just couldn't capture what my eye was seeing, but I gave it a shot (pun intended).

Hopefully I can post the results here for you;

When you are approaching this graveyard from the backside and you first view this "standing stone", you would think it was an old, dead tree that had broken off.

This is etched in stone...literally.  Born 1797 and died May 29, 1833

I'm loosing my connection speed, so I will have to stop for now.


  1. Ooooooo, I'd love to try to capture those spider webs...here is a great hint for you...take a spray bottle that sprays a very fine fine spray and lightly spray them with water...then do around to the side where the water drops show up the best and take some shots..also try macro shots, they turn out wonderful. If you have a polarizing filter for your camera they will come out really neat too...good luck!!

  2. Great pics! Love the old cemeteries myself. Walked through several through my lifetime and always wonder what the stories were of their lives.
    'love & hugs from afar'

    1. Cher, thanks!!! I'm in the office right now so I can get online for a while. But I can't use MY computer here so my other photos that I want to post are "back home" in the 5th wheel.

  3. Retired One, I didn't get to post the ones that Carolyn REALLY wanted shots of. Hopefully I can get them posted. It looked like fields of cotton balls with all the webs. Yep, know the "old trick" of spraying water to create instant dew. A lot of the webs looked like rainbow reflections.


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