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Saturday, February 25, 2012


By the time we arrived at our motel we were so stiff and sore we didn't think we'd make it to our room.  I've never had such pain in my upper thighs and I can't figure out why I hurt there.  My knees hurt too but not to the point of how my thighs hurt.  Dan was feeling pretty miserable with knees, back and just being owly due to the crowded conditions and rude people.

We decided that we would forfeit our next day at Universal and instead head to Kennedy Space Center.

DON'T USE GOOGLE FOR DIRECTIONS TO GET OUT OF DODGE.  Yes, I had a map too, but it really didn't tell me much as to how to get out of where we were and headed towards the coast.  I bet we spent an hour or more trying to get headed EAST instead of around in circles.

We finally arrived at the space center about 10 a.m. and Dan figured walking would do us some good, so instead of parking up towards the first couple of sections, he parked WAY out back. When we both started the walk towards the entrance I think we both thought the same thing; "I'm not going to say I hurt!"

The Kennedy Space Center was very interesting and wasn't too crowded. While we were on the bus tour, our driver pointed out an eagles nest that is over 40 years old, still in use and a grown tall person could lay down inside of it.  IT IS HUGE!  We did see some young eagles poking their heads over the edge.  We also saw a woodstork and a pink spoonbill, oh and a gator.

If you've never had the opportunity to go to the space center you might want to consider it and if you have kids, I think I would wait until they are old enough to appreciate and understand a bit of all that is there.  And if you can park closer to the entrance, DO THAT!

On our way back to Piedmont, we had to purchase fuel.  Up till that time, we'd still been paying around $3.95 a gallon for diesel.  We ended up paying $4.09 on the way back home.  Some places it was up to $4.39!  Hard telling what it will be by the time we head back to Michigan in April.

So that  is the tale of the adventure that we had been looking forward to.  As I said in a previous post, I think if we'd arrived on a different day (mid week) we would have enjoyed it a LOT more.

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