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Friday, February 03, 2012


I thought maybe if I deleted the owl, hit the choice button of "shrink to fit" that possibly that would do the trick.  Still had a big owl.  So I deleted the owl again and put this hawks shot in also using "shrink to fit".  And HE is huge too!  Can't even see the complete top of his head (IT IS a head shot, but good Lord?!)

Any-hoo...I digress....

The "work" at the schools the past two days didn't start out feeling like work.  Yesterday we had pre-K through 2nd graders...none of them wanted to touch the dirt let alone pot their own tree.  One little boy that I had was so darn cute.  I said "Do you want to put the dirt in your cup?"  He shook his head no.  So I did that.  Then I asked "Do you want to put the little pine tree in the cup and cover it with dirt?"  NOPE again.  So I did that, and then I wrapped the potted short leaf pine in a bag so he could take it home and plant it (Hmmmm...I wonder who WILL plant is since he doesn't do dirt??). 

As soon as I handed it to him he held on so carefully to the bottom of the bag and said 'I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST MADE A TREE!!"  HOW cute is that??!!

I think we ended up doing about 300 trees yesterday and today it was a bit over 500...and grades 3-5th...and none of them wanted to touch the potting soil either....which was a good thing today.  We were so far behind with ALL of these kids coming to our station (we were Station 1 out of 5).  I never knew  you could work 10 hours between 8 a.m. till noon...but we did!  Yep, we did.  So, we did get some extra help and had quite an assembly line going potting tree

Station # 2 was a government official from the forestry division and he had all kinds of info for the kids.  Station 3 was the fire department of the F&W division and they would let the kids run a fireman's hose and sound the siren (which usually gave Dan, Bev and me a heart attack).  I can't remember what Station 4 was, but 5 was the Law Enforcement Agency of the F&W.  They brought along one of the remote controlled deer that they use to catch poachers and had a lot of info to share with the little kids.

Yesterday's special speaker was an Olympian winner from the 90's.  I cannot remember his name but he broke the worlds record for running/jumping the hurdles in 37.8 seconds (or something like that).  And that record still stands.  Today's speaker was an Olympian wrestler, which we didn't hear him speak.

But the BIGGEST attraction to the kids was Woodsy Owl and of course Smokey Bear!  Poor Smokey must have lost some weight because he was having a hard time keeping his jeans up...or maybe he was going for a new look???  THAT WOULD give new meaning to a bare/bear butt!!!

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I dressed as Smokey years ago, I can still smell that suit.



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