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Monday, January 23, 2012


We're about 90 minutes away from our destination of Alligator River NWR.  We worked there 3 (??) years ago and are going back to visit some of the guys at the shop.  We figured since we were at Santee NWR for an interview this morning, we'd drive on up and see the crew at Alligator River.  Santee is in S. Carolina so we actually have a total drive of a bit over 6 hours.  Tomorrow afternoon, we will head back towards Piedmont where we've been staying since October.  It will take us two days to get back...only because we get road weary (try saying that 3 times fast) after about 5 hours of travel...and we don't want to be on the road after dark.  Boy are we getting to be old duffers or what??!!!

Neither one of us sleeps well in motels but surprisingly enough we both slept well last night; hopefully we will tonight too.  Usually I'm kept awake by thoughts of Did I check everything for bedbugs??  Or I wonder whatever happened to Norvil??  And his wife???  I wonder if Paula Dean will change her restaurant menu now that she has come public with her diabetes.  I wonder if SHE wondered how long she'd be able to eat all those fatty foods before it caught up with her? 

Now, that I've told you about that, I'm sure that will be what keeps me awake tonight!  Time will tell.  It is only 6:30p.m. but the sandman is beating on both of us.  It has been a long day.

Catch you again another time!

This is most of the guys at Piedmont.  This was a fire prep meeting prior to heading  out to start a prescribed burn (story and photos about that soon).  It was an interesting meeting for Dan and I; you have no idea what goes into setting a fire on purpose and getting it where you want it to go and when you want it to go there.  A lot of words and acronyms that were over our heads, but they were more than happy to try to explain to  us.

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