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A long time ago, I was a child. (I started out as Cathy First from Colon, Mi.) For the past several years I’ve been an adult. A lot of things went on between those two stages of life; probably no more or no less than anyone elses. My husband and I moved to “da U .P” from southern Lower Michigan several years ago (yes we were trolls at one time). We owned and operated and operate Clementz’s Northcountry Campground and Cabins just north of Newberry, Michigan until May 2015. We have grown kids and grandkids (who all live downstate). My passion is life and all that Nature has to offer us and trying to photograph it in unique ways. Our intention in life is to see all that Nature has to offer us. We hope that you will be a part of our adventures as we cruise through our lives together. Come back often!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


These photos are just a few that I took of a woman's yard.

The way she has been described to me, I am sure she looks like and has the temperament of Granny Clampett.

She is known as Miss Sarah (at least I think that is what I was told).  All women here, including me, are addressed as Miss Cathy or whatever your first name is.  Even the men here at the refuge refer to the gals as Miss whomever.

This Miss Sarah lives down a county road which could pass for a graveled cowpath.  It is barely wide enough for two vehicles to meet without pulling the mirrors in.  But in order to get to another part of the refuge, you go down this road.

Her yard is extremely interesting and I probably would have taken more photos had I not been warned about her.

She's a great old gal and loves kids and most people, but if you tary to long near her property, she's going to either 1.  call the police or 2. pull out her shotgun and aim it in your direction...or maybe both.

But as I said, she loves kids!!!  If you take photos, take them quickly!!

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