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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have pretty reliable instincts.  Sometimes I think Dan believes it is more like ESP.

I just hope those instincts didn't fail me Saturday.  The instinct feeling didn't arrive till after the fact.

See, we had stopped at the Post Office in Juliette to mail a Priority Mail package to our daughter for her Christmas present.   It was one of those if it fits it ships for one low price.

When we walked into the PO, a young man was working in the side area behind the counter.  He was busy taping up a box...which we didn't think anything about.

When he got to the counter to wait on us, he acted like he was a newbie and this was his first day working alone.  He proceeded to explain he was taping up that box so the contents wouldn't fall out.  That was nice of him.  How many postal workers would do that??

I pushed my package to him under the bullet proof glass and he acted like he didn't quite know how to charge for it....it ended up costing $14.95.  I still didn't think anything about even THAT.

  But I did think it was odd he didn't ask the normal questions that one gets asked in their own PO; are you shipping any hazardous materials, breakable or something that will leak.  Nope, I told him, it was just our daughters present (since she MIGHT read this I'm not putting in this post what I really told him, what the contents really were).

Still figuring it was his first day by himself, I didn't feel uncomfortable in saying no to the insurance or proof of delivery.

ABOUT 3 MILES DOWN THE ROAD I STARTED THINKING ABOUT THE WHOLE THING.  Maybe he was actually acting guilty about us seeing him tape up that box.  And WHY did it cost me $14.95 for what should have been a $7.95 shipment.  AND WHY DIDN'T I PAY EXTRA TO HAVE A DELIVERY CONFIRMATION??!!!!

I sure hope THE ENTIRE PACKAGE of things arrives at its destination.  If not, I have NO proof because I paid cash.  I guess we'll know in a couple of days....

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for the refuge employees and volunteers.  It actually is just a lunch where everyone brings a dish to pass.  So far the menu looks to be shaping up nicely!!!  At least there isn't any fried okra on the list yet!!!

I hope I can get a photo of at least one of the squirrels here.  They are so cute!  They have little black faces and kind of a brownish/grey body.  Busy little things and all over; don't hold still for long!!

Have you heard about some one or some ones putting syringes in clothing at Wal-Mart at Cartersville??  A couple of people have been pricked by these things!  WHAT AILS PEOPLE FOR DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS??!!

So what is new with you?  And have there been any times when YOUR instincts kicked in a bit too late???

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  1. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Speaking of Okra, I have heard from a former Northerner (Maine) who now lives in Alabama that fried okra is the only way she can eat it. So try it if it shows up.


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