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Saturday, October 15, 2011


We are going to be here a couple more days.

Our Dodge diesel needs a new turbo and they can't  get the part till Monday so it will probably be Thursday before we can head out.  That has put a change in our plans as far as visiting family and friends before we head to Georgia.  We'll still be visiting but not as long.  And I had to give up seeing my best friend Anne this trip.

The truck has been running fine and we have been getting great mileage considering the size of the truck.  We've gotten 22.5 on trips to the Soo.  So we were very surprised the other day when it started acting up.  Fortunately the truck was HERE when it happened. 

Dan and I fussed with it till we finally got it running "right" and he headed off to Newberry Motors for them to check it out.  So this is a hats off to Kevin Vanetta the owner for coming to our rescue when they have a lot of other things going on to.  And due to various appointments we are still trying to keep, we have a loaner vehicle to get us through.

So, last night I had two "visions".  Both times I wasn't asleep and they happened within probably an hour of each other.  I was at that state where you are almost asleep.  My first "vision" was Dan having trouble steering the truck and me asking "what's going on??".  And then it happened again later.  As dumb as this may sound, I'm going to ask them to check everything that has to do with steering the vehicle...from the wheel to the axles and anything in between.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason....

I will have to remember to call our ISP and tell them to NOT shut us off on Tuesday at noon and to do it on Thursday.  Other wise I'll be sitting here with no internet connection.

We've got a wonderful day for closing up the park.  It is 39 degrees and the wind is really howling.  And it was raining sideways a while ago.  We're supposed to have rain till we leave on Thursday!  Great packing weather!

Since we can't move the 5th wheel out to the shop (no truck), we'll have to run a couple of hoses from the hydrant out there so we can get the 5th wheel "de-winterized" and sanitize the system.  We'll probably end up using the loaded bucket to bring things out of the shop that Dan needs to put in the basement of the 5th wheel.  Too bad we hadn't already gotten the 5th wheel out to the shop before the truck decided to get a belly ache.

That's how it is going here!  How about you?

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  1. Just as you are getting your camper out, we are putting ours away. Hope your truck woes get better quick...I can relate. And for the record, I don't blame you for having them check the steering. God gave us a gut instinct for a reason...hope there's nothing serious going on!


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