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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love to read, but I haven't taken the time to do any reading since we were gone last winter.  I'll be taking a duffle bag of books with me when we leave.  Maybe I will actually read a book or two.

There is something about the smell of a new book that always reminds me of the start of school "way back when".  When I was a kid, probably till 6th grade, your parents had to purchase your school books for you for the year. 

My Mom and Dad were not well off but it was important to Mom to make sure I always had NEW books...and they had that new book smell to them.  And when I am in a book store, those memories are triggered.

As I recall, you would go into a classroom that was full of books stacked on tables.  The class rooms were divided according to what grade you would be going in to.  For some reason, my 6th grade geography book sticks out in my mind.  I don't think it smelled any newer than the others, but I can even still picture it in my minds eye as to what it looked like.

Some school books I was anxious to get, but there were others that I dreaded...like English and Math.

Later on, the schools stopped selling books this way.  I can't remember what method they went to, but it wasn't  every year I had new books....and THANK GOD when I got past 8th grade, I had the OPTION of taking math classes...I did NOT take any more math.  Sometimes I regret that.

My last math teacher was Miss Grimes.  She was from England and was about 120 years of age.  My MOTHER even had her for typing class when Mom was in school!  This old gal was strict and if you didn't know the answer, it was nothing for her to come up behind you and flick her hand hard so her fingers snapped against your ear.  Since most of us girls had long hair, we always tried to have a head band on in her class.  And since at that time, guys had to wear their hair short, not touching the collar of their shirt and their ears plainly visible, she had a hay day with the guys.  They got their ears boxed a lot.

If she wasn't boxing your ears, she would rap you across the knuckles with a wooden ruler and say "Come on, luv!  You KNOW the answer!!". 

Sometimes, before you could even get in the classroom for the class, she would meet you at the class room door and ask you a math question.  If you didn't know the answer, you didn't get into class until you could figure it out!

Rumor always had it that she lost her fiance when the Titanic went down and that is why she never married.  That COULD be true for as old as she was, but it just could be she couldn't find a man who didn't know the right answer!

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