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Tuesday, September 06, 2011


DAN AND I RECEIVED OUR NOTIFICATIONS IN THE MAIL TODAY THAT WE WERE DRAWN FOR THE NOVEMBER HUNT AT PIEDMONT NWR (where we'll be this fall/winter/spring)!!  I just have to send our $12.50 each in tomorrow with the card they sent us and we're ready to hunt (me...I'll be the photographer on this venture).

Dan is doing better but still doesn't get much sleep at night.  It seems that is when he hurts the most and it is now pretty much settled in his shin and ankle.  So, let's say we both are sleepless in Newberry.  Makes for a long day.

I had to get under the kitchen sink in the Little Lodge the other day because the whole faucet assembly was loose.  I found out that a part was broken so I had to get Dan for assistance to come up with another part.  He found what I needed and even found a new wing nut (which was missing; go figure), so I crawled back under there but before I did, I folded up a blanket to help with the sharpness of the bottom of the cupboard that was cutting into my ribs.

I'm glad I did that because my ribs are all black and blue.  I bruise very easily and I figure it is because of the low white blood count.  So when Dan saw my ribs this morning and asked how I managed to get all those colors, I told him I'd been out carousing.  I finally told him what caused it.  I didn't want him to feel badly because he couldn't get under there.  And of course he said "I KNEW you shouldn't have been under there!"

Dan's VA clinic was supposed to call in Rx's for him today since the VA hospital apparently hadn't sent the refills on his pain meds yet.  So far, there is nothing at the drug store for him...it could be a REALLY long night for him.

The news said that the bridge walk was down by 7000 walkers...so that is a BIG chunk of people who didn't come up for it.  I can't remember how much it was down last year, but it seems like it was 4800, maybe it was 2800.  Anyway, others who are staying here said that the campgrounds in Mackinaw City still had room...which is really unusual for LD weekend.

Since it was supposed to frost last night, I picked a bunch of tomatoes that were ready.  Good thing; it was 29 degrees this a.m!  Even the hummingbirds were cold!  At least their go go juice wasn't frozen.

I've taken down one of the 4 feeders.  The mature males all seemed to have left so I think we're down to about 8 or 10 hummers right now.  When the next feeder is empty, I'll take that one down too, but I usually run two until I don't see any hummers anymore.  How about in your area?  Still seeing hummers??


  1. We have 780 TRACTORS for the bridge ride.my brother inlaw
    next door still has all of his

  2. HMM, I do remember the cold weather and my bones are oh so happy that they live in the Piedmont of NC...It is still in the 80's here and oh so humid from the rain...
    Another gal from the UP in Kingsford said that there were frost warnings there too....BRR!!! Don't miss the cold...but want the hot to cool down..
    Sandy in NC

  3. two days ago I saw one hummer left...I purposely didn't fill our feeders so I was surprised it was still trying to find some nectar....I have to take ours down so they don't hope and stay around. We covered our tomatoes and they are hanging in there yet...I sure will miss them when the season is over.


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