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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I spent yesterday morning with the rep from National Office Products (from Sault Ste. Marie).

He delivered my new laptop, excuse me, THINK PAD,  and it was love at first touch!  First touch of the keyboard!!  WOW!!  All I can say is what a difference!  The keys are actually soft to the touch.  I don't know how to explain it.  And the keys are LARGE enough that you don't have to worry that your finger might hit two keys instead of the one you intended.

The screen is off the charts phenomenal.  So that was love at first sight!  First thing I noticed was I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE THE BLINDS CLOSED IN THE OFFICE WINDOW TO SEE THE SCREEN!  I CAN SEE IT WITHOUT SEEING MY OWN REFLECTION AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS IN VIEW!!!  I've never felt like I was getting the best photo editing job done due to having to have so little light to work with!

Here is some info that you might find interesting...

Intel® HD graphics 3000 deliver a 2x performance gain, and a smoother experience with visually-demanding applications. For today’s graphically-intensive content, the Edge Series notebooks can be equipped with AMD Radeon™ HD video cards, with up to 2GB of dedicated VRAM and 128-bit GPUs2.

The ThinkPad Edge Series also offers several features for a smoother, more effective user experience. The full-size keyboard and numeric keypad allows comfortable numeric and text data entry. Lenovo’s RapidBoot technology reduces boot times by up to 30%, allowing you to get to work faster. Web conferencing is also more comfortable with a light-sensitive web camera, high audio fidelity, optimized speakers and superior communications software.

In addition to the performance and usability features, the design of the ThinkPad Edge notebooks has also been improved. The refined ThinkPad Edge design is now up to 13% thinner and available in a soft matte finish.

I admit I don't know what some of that means!  All I know is after only having it for a day (and sleeping through the night so I wasn't on it then!!) I really love it AND Windows 7!!

For security purposes you can use a fingerprint reader, or you can "turn on" a function that when YOU walk away and a new face appears in front of the screen, the webcam will turn on and that person's face will appear on the screen so you can come back and see if someone tried to use your computer.

It has a spill resistant keyboard (which has never been an issue for me but first time for everything).

It has 4 USB ports, a 4 in one card reader and a 34mm express card.  It is Blue Tooth ready (don't need that!), and I can't remember what all.  The construction is very "think green".

Since they don't make laptops with internal modems anymore, I had to purchase an external one for those rare occasions that I may have to resort to dial up.  It has it's own internal back up system, but I'm going to get an external back up system (think they are about $50.00).  It has a built in "air bag"!  It can sense if it is falling and turns on this feature!

I will have a hard time getting use to the location of some of the command keys on the keyboard because they are different than the other lap top (which is now Dan's) and the desk top computer.

So, I've got some tweaking to try to figure out and make sure I know what I'm doing before we (hopefully) leave next month.



  1. that sounds awesome....I am in the market for a new laptop....but I think I will check those out...do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it....if you don't wanna put it on here, if you don't mind telling me...you can message me on FB...Thanks....

  2. Bigmurf2:16 PM

    And a partridge in a pear tree. G


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