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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Maybe revenge isn't the correct word, but I feel vindicated...maybe THAT is what I should have titled this post.

All season, our guests have been merrily computing...some have issues with being too far away and some people could probably be out in the woods and still get our wifi signal.  Of course, the ones that can't get a signal are usually the same ones that blame me because they can't get a signal for their cellphone either (and then they go post a nasty review, like it is OUR fault).

The other day, a man and his wife checked in and of course he wanted to get online.  I gave him his coupon with his own code and never heard anymore about it till yesterday morning.  Right off the bat, first thing, almost before my first full cup of coffee.

Seems he managed to get online during the middle of the night, like around 12:30 a.m. but he hadn't been able to get back online since then.  He went on to berate us for that and asked where he could go (cough, cough) to get a better signal.  He wanted to know where the signal originated from.  Then he informed us that he was going to park behind the office so he could get online, where he figured the signal would be the strongest.  Dan asked him to not block the roads or the driveway.  The man gave Dan a dirty look and went out the door.  By now I was already on the phone with a prospective guest so I was out of the conversation, but it still gave me that gut ache feeling.

Lat night, just before we were getting ready to close for the day (7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. makes for a LONG day of trying to please people), he came in again.  He had tried to get online up by the office and received a message telling him he was blocked and that he needed to call "this number".  I couldn't figure out how or why he'd been blocked since he made it so plain he hadn't been online since midnight.

I looked him up and found that he had already gone over his alloted MB usage.  I figured when I told him this, since according to him  he hadn't been online, he'd come unglued.  I told him as politely as I could what I had found out and asked him if that short time he was online if maybe Windows did some updates or his antivirus program had updated.  He calmly said, "No, nothing like that".

The light finally came on above his head and he remembered that even though he had only been on for a short while, he hadn't turned off his repeater (and I don't think actually he logged out of our system) and THAT is what ate up his bandwidth.  He was much more pleasant after that...and NO, as much as I wanted to, I didn't mention his accusations from the morning.  So, I have tried to reset  his usage and we'll see if it took.

Did you see the moon last night?  WOW!  I think tonight I will actually take the time to use my tripod and get some decent photos.  This is what I got from just holding my camera...and no, they are not enhanced in anyway.  I uploaded them to my business computer and I don't have any fancy editing software here.  This is how BIG and BRIGHT the moon actually was!  (I took a bunch of photos but for some reason everything is really loading this a.m. so here are just two.  I've got to get the tripod out tonight and set it up if there are clouds and stop trying to hold the camera in my hand and not be shaky!)


  1. Charlotte10:08 AM

    The picture was taken at Whitefish Point.

  2. Charlotte, Nope, but you do have the right shoreline. One (or 101) wet rocks along the shoreline look pretty much the same whether it is WFP or some place else!

  3. Deer Park or Crisp pt.


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