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Friday, August 05, 2011


I never thought I should strap my camera on when I go out to check/clean the bathhouse in the morning.

I SHOULD have had it on this morning!

We have two families who are camping together and they have a bunch of little ones and one on the way.

As I was headed out to the bathhouse this a.m. I heard from inside one of the tents "I gotta go NOW!!!"  And out came this little boy, maybe 4 (???) years old, running across the campground, holding on to his "perconals" and looking pretty worried.  Not sure if he made it or not because I couldn't get in the mens' room to check!

We, Clementz's Northcountry Campground and Cabins , get a large amount of LARGE RV's.  So it is always a treat when we see a family group enjoying our park in their new RV and/or tents. 

I have mentioned the amount of foreign visitors we have had this year.  Yesterday was no exception.  We have a young couple from the Netherlands spending the next couple of nights tent camping (the photo isn't of them). 

It is always fun when we have a few minutes to spend talking with someone from "far away".  For example, I  found out that most people in the Netherlands (except for the older people) speak about 2-4 languages which is NOT taught in schools.  They pick up English from watching American movies or American TV shows.  And since they are such a SMALL country and surrounded by other countries that speak a different language, it is necessary for them to learn many different languages.  I told them I have enough trouble with English and can't imagine having to know how to communicate in more than one language.

In the course of our conversation, they were asking about things to see in the area and how far away they would have to drive to see the things.  I told them that the Soo is about 76 miles east and if they wanted to see the locks, that is where they would have to go.  But I surprised them by saying "But you have locks in your country too, right?"  I KNEW something!!!  But those locks aren't like "ours".

Next week we have a cold front coming through which means our temps will be back to normal for a while...in the 70's!!!  Good sleeping weather!

I sort of fixed the OJ/Tahitian chicken disaster.  I mixed up a "sauce" of water thickened with cornstarch, added some ginger and soy sauce to it, then mixed it with the rice and chicken stuff and added some brown sugar.  It helped a LOT, but  you could still taste too much of the OJ.  Not sure if this recipe will end up in the trash or if I'll modify it!

Have a great weekend!

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