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Sunday, July 03, 2011


Do you remember back in olden days, when everybody drove a Chevrolet?  Whatever happened to the girl next door with beat up sneakers and a pony tail???

She probably traded in some of her attire for a pair of THONGS!!!  Back then, a THONG was something to wear on your feet, not something to fit snugly in your butt-crack.  How times have changed.

Wikipedia's definition of thongs is:  Flip-flops, thongs, or jandals are an open type of outdoor footwear, consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap, like a thin thong, that passes between the first (big) and second toes and around either side of the foot. Flip-flops may also be held to the foot with a single strap over the front of the foot rather than a thong.

They also provide a couple of photos, including this one....  I hate to admit it, but I even owned a pair of toe socks.  I did NOT wear them with my thongs (the thongs that go on the feet...or even otherwise for that matter).

I guess one could easily convert that description of a thong into a description of what today's thong means.  But we won't go there....

For the rest of this post, I am going to refer to these "shoes" as flip flops...I don't think that term has any connection to butt crack.
Dan and I both have a pair of flip flops.  We only use them for when we are camping and taking showers in the campgrounds facilities.  Yes, we wear them into the shower and yes, you have to be careful you don't break your neck when they are wet and soapy.

But I digress....

When I think (or see) flip flops, I think of our youngest son, who at the time of this occurrence possibly was between the ages of 8-10.

It was a beautiful HOT summer day in southern lower Michigan (where we use to live).  Dan and I decided to go to the fruit/vegetable market over by Sturgis..right along the highway. 

As I recall our son did not want to go with us and then changed his mind at the last second, pretty much as we were getting ready to pull out of the driveway.  We told him he couldn't go barefooted and needed to get some shoes on and since we were in a hurry, for him to just get his flip flops.

He didn't want to wear his flip flops and made that point pretty clear, but we told him get them and lets go.

We arrived at the fruit market and got out.  You could see the heat waves coming off the pavement and the parking lot.  I can't remember if our son didn't want to get out or if he was still upset about having to wear "those darn flip flops anyway."  But he eventually got out and was tagging along about 20 feet behind us.

Something made Dan and I turn around and look back...Ben had stepped in a big wad of HOT, STICKY bubble gum (what other gum is that big and pink??).  He still managed to keep that flip flop on, but the gum was stretched out about 15' behind him...and then his flip flop came off and he was left with one foot on the hot pavement.

The look on his face was priceless (although I'm sure he wouldn't agree) and the puff of blue smoke coming out of his ears was a shade of which I'd never seen before.  And Dan and I standing there laughing didn't help matters any.  What little bit of good attitude our son had left had pretty much dissipated by this time.  (He managed to stand with the hot foot on top of the cool foot until we got done laughing)

I don't remember if we were able to get the gum off the bottom of the flip flop in order for Ben to come in with us or if he had to set in the truck.  But you know how gum is when it is HOT and sticky.

To this day, I don't think he wears flip flops...in fact I don't know if anyone in his family is allowed to wear them.

Have you had any bad experiences/funny experiences with THONGS??  AKA flip flops??


  1. I have a couple pairs of toe socks...they have come back into style a bit...

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    My sister worked at a credit union and they were implementing a new dress code. One of the new rules was that no thongs would be allowed. One of her young co-workers looked aghast and asked "who will check?"

  3. Gary H / Battle Creek6:29 AM

    HA-HA....good one Anonymous ! Happy 4th everyone !

  4. Amy, then I wasn't dreaming! I thought I saw some in Wal-Mart last winter!!

    Anonymous, HOW FUNNY!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Gary, yep, that was a good one! How are things in BC??

  5. Gary H / Battle Creek9:16 AM

    HOT and muggy....going back to school for 8 weeks, CNC training through MiWorks. Free is good.


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