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Friday, July 01, 2011


At least that is my excuse!

I knew there was something else I wanted to put in that previous post now I remember what it is!

I told you that we passed our background checks and that I don't have to have fingerprints done again.  The only thing left was for me (and Dan if he wanted to) was  to take the "computer training" which I did yesterday online.

I had to download a zip file and then open that, go to a certain government website, etc and start the class. And yes there would be a TEST at the end and you had to score at least 75% to pass. 

OK, I'm still the type, after all these years of being out of school, that panics at the word test.  I would study for a blood test if it was feasible. 

So, I'm online, going through all of these sessions, knowing that our fate rests in my score, and not knowing what would be on the test at the end of this 50 minute session.  I thought for sure since there must have been 147 acronyms that THOSE would be part of the test so I was trying to remember what all these government acronyms stood for.

Most of what was in the class was all about security; computer security, personal security, security of files, etc etc.  I felt pretty comfortable with all of that and then I got to THE TEST.

The first thing it stated was "grab yourself a cold one."  No, not really but if it HAD I would have!!

The questions just required you to THINK about everything you had just covered and there were no questions about the acronyms, darn it all.  Some of the questions were, to me, teasers...there could be more than one correct answer or maybe NO correct answer.

The short of it is that I passed.  I had two wrong answers which gave me a score of 85.  I felt really stupid after I saw the correct answers because I KNEWWWWWW that I had messed those two up!

But we're good to go so just counting the days!!

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  1. Congrats on passing your test with only two wrong...hey that is wonderful and as long as you passed, who cares, right?? You are going to love that new experience, I am sure!


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