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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Someone in my family must have said that more than once, because that phrase has stuck with me.  I must've been little the first time I heard it because I'm sure I about peeled my eyes out searching out that sweet treat.

Who doesn't like fudge??  Especially people who are trying to eat properly and are use to having chocolate maybe a couple times a week???

The only time I ever make fudge is around Christmas.  Even last winter while we were gone, I made an 8" x 8" pan of what I call Reese cups....most everyone else does it the hard way and makes buckeyes.  Me, I just spread the peanut butter mixture in a pan and then cover THAT with chocolate.

But I digress  (and make myself hungry to boot)

We had a family from India that stayed in our Little Lodge for the past 5 days.  They checked out yesterday and headed out for a bit more site-seeing before heading "homeward".

Dan went over to the Little Lodge so he could strip the bedding and I could start that laundry.  When he came back he said he had left the fridge plugged in and running...which we normally don't do unless we've got someone else arriving in a couple of days.  He said he figured he better leave the two boxes of Mackinac Island fudge in the bag and in the fridge so neither one of us was tempted.  Dan figured as much as those two boxes of fudge cost, our guests might be back for them.

Later in the day, the guest called and asked if we had found it.  Since there is a bit of a language barrier I thought I could pretend I didn't know what she was talking about and maybe we'd end up with some fudge (not really; I wouldn't do that...or would I??)

By this time they were already several miles away so she asked if I could mail it to her.  I said I would be  happy to (liar, liar) but I probably wouldn't get it out until Monday. 

I brought the fudge in and stuck it in OUR fridge, way in the back, out of site out of mind??  I guess not out of mind since I am writing about it! 

So, yep, OH FUDGE!

Today the Camp Tamarack "kids" and counselors check out.  We had 36 kids and 8 counselors and the KOA had the other half.  It's fun having them here, and they are gone most of the time.  The camp charters a bus for each group and they travel together.

But while it is fun having them here, it is also kind of a relief when they head out....we don't have to get up before the chickens and check the bathhouse.  The normal routine is that I would head out to the bathhouse about 7 a.m. and clean, then Dan would go out at noon and clean, then about 9:30 at night normally Dan would go out once more.  But with a group here it makes it a LOT different.  As I said, they are gone most of the time, so normally after the crack of dawn cleaning (which Dan has been taking care of) and then the cleaning after they leave for the day, normally around 9 a.m.) it isn't that bad, but with that many kids ya go through a LOT of TP!  And we can tell you that those "energy efficient" toilets are hard to unplug!

Here's another picture I worked on yesterday.  I wanted it to look like the sunrise.  I'm not completely happy with it but I got tired of fussing with the darn thing!  I'm slowly getting there.


  1. Yeah, that fudge would be calling to me, too! Good thing you have to mail it back to them!

  2. Hopefully it won't melt on it's journey to Illinois. At least it isn't going to India!

  3. Oh my you are a good camp hostess!
    I can only imagine the TP you went through. We had only 3 grand loves here last week and we noticed a difference in the amount used for those tiny hinies. lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Never understood why fudge was better in you hauled everything on a ferry out to a island. Made the fudge ,sold it for a high profit. Why is it better than the fudge in Mac. City?



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