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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This week did not get off to a good start...at least not for Dan and at least not for the business checkbook.

Bright and early Monday morning, I was taking a walk around the campground.  When I got back near the nature trail on the road that goes to the tent sites, I heard one of the alarms at the lift station going off.

Instead of finishing my walk, I beat it back to the house to let Dan know the good news...ha.

He made the trip back to the lift station only to find out one of the two lift pumps was not pumping.  He thought (and hoped) it was in the relay switch because it wouldn't even hummmmm when it tried to turn it on manually.  So with that thought, and hope, we called Klatys for Tim to come out and check out the electrical system.

Tim did his thing and felt it wasn't in the panel.  $75.00.

Next step was to pump it down as far as we could with the one pump and then have Coast to Coast Septic service come with their pumper truck to pump it clear out so Dan could climb down in there and check the pump.  $175.00 (went up $50 from last year).  We had to wait till afternoon when HOPEFULLY everyone in the park was done taking showers, dumping and doing laundry.

This is quite a process to do all of this, and WHO in their right mind wants to climb down in a frickin' sewage pit??  I don't think we can put a price on that.

Dan found out that there was an adult diaper totally stuck in the pump and he couldn't just pull it out in the pit.  So, Danny, from Coast to Coast, pulled from the top of the pit and they finally got the pump high enough that Dan could work on getting this thing out.  This diaper had plastic on the outer shell (what was left of it) and rubber/elastic around the waist/legs.  It took a LOT of pulling and coming out of the crappy (yes I'm being polite) blades of the pump to get it out.

Dan got out of the pit and tried to start the pump...it still wouldn't run.

Needed the electrician again.  He arrived yesterday a.m. and they found out that while the pump was trying to work, it had shorted in the electrical panel and the wires had burned in two.  Also now the relay switch for that pump is shot.  Don't have a clue how much THAT is all going to total.  But at least that shouldn't entail anyone having to crawl down in the SH*%-pit!


  1. You have my sympathy. How anyone could believe you should dispose of an adult brief in this manner is beyond me.

  2. Wendy, they really had to work at it!


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