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Friday, June 03, 2011


No, I wasn't kissing a hummer.  Let's get that straight right off the bat.  Although they are so cute, who wouldn't at least THINK about it.

What I'm referring to is something that Dan and I have been fortunate enough to witness a couple of times the past week. 

A female hummer was at the feeder on the perch (outside our living room window..the one with screens of course).  The male kept zooming her and she just kept leaning back further and further till she was about 1/2 way between upright and hanging upside down.  Then the male perched on top of the arm that the feeder hangs from.  And the female just stayed in that position like she was mesmerized.  Dan and I didn't want to move to go get the camera for fear we'd miss something. 

Then the male flew down to the female and their beaks touched.  I actually think they were using their tongue but can't be sure.  They did this a couple of times and then he flew off.  Maybe this is hummer foreplay???  We really thought that maybe we were going to see them mate!

The female remained in that position so I ran and got my camera in case he came back...and he did!  He started "zooming" here again and by the time I could focus through the screen, they both flew off.  WHY THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN AT THE BIG WINDOW WITH NO SCREEN IN IT I DON'T KNOW!!!

This happened again yesterday at the feeder outside of my office window but not quite to that extent.  She didn't lean over, but they looked like they were kissing.

I guess we need to leave one camera out and ready in the living room and leave the other on the dining room table.

The other day, Dan came up to the office window and hollered at me.  I opened the window and he had his hands cupped together.  He had a male hummer in his hands that had gotten "lost" in the shop.  The hummer kept trying to fly up instead of going out the way he came in...through a big, open over head door.  Dan was finally able to get the little guy to stay on the end of a broom and get him in his hands.  The hummer was covered with cobwebs and bits of insulation.  He let Dan pluck all that stuff off without trying to get away, so Dan brought him up here so he could be right at the feeder.

Dan tried to put him up on the feeder but the little guy was still a bit stunned.  But within seconds he flew off!  Dan has to constantly remember to pull the shop door closed when he isn't going to be in there during the day.  We kept it closed and locked at night.

So, I'm still hoping I might be able to get a shot of this kissing behavior...even if it IS through the screen.

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