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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

D I E T Did I Eat That (??)

Yep, that's what the acronym of diet is...Did I Eat That.  And the answer use to be WGARA (pronounced WHO-gara which stands for Who Gives A Rats A--!)

OK, so you want to know how I lost 30 pounds?  How I did it without any dieting aids, like super glue to seal my mouth shut?  How I went on a 30 day diet and lost 15 days??  (people have asked so I'm sharing)

Here's the secret to my success...I really don't know! It has surprised me too!!

Seriously, the first 7 pounds were a surprise because I wasn't doing anything any differently other than getting a lot more exercise because we'd been climbing oodles of steps down to the bottom of water falls and then back up again...or walking many miles (so it seemed) to even get to the steps.  Lots of the sight seeing we did in Georgia when we arrived involved a lot of walking or climbing.

When I realized I had lost weight without really trying, I was "incentivized" to try to take more off.  I have been trying to get Dan to eat  healthier (I've always have made better choices than he has) and he decided he wanted to try to get some weight off, so we kind of started this thing together.  It wasn't too painful for him.  He still got to have his snacks IN MODERATION INSTEAD OF BY THE BAG FULL. 

One thing we did do was start buying that Arnold 100% whole wheat bread and eating Honey Nut Cheerios a couple times a week...but if you read the box, in order for THAT to be healthy, they consider one serving as about 1/2 a cup!  WHAT ADULT ONLY EATS 1/2 A CUP OF CEREAL???  We are doing better with our fruits and raw veggies (we were both getting tired of cooked veggies with supper...unless we could get butternut squash). 

Normally during the spring/summer I get more exercise than I do the rest of the year, due to wood splitting, push mowing, and swatting bugs.  I've made it a point this year to try to walk a mile at least twice per day.  That was kind of hard to do when my knee was bothering me (MRI tomorrow) and I noticed during that time was the week I didn't lose any weight.  Now the past 5 days, I've had an issue with a part of my ankle and it is tender and swollen (Don't have a clue why).  I've been icing it today and it was really sore by the time I got home from getting groceries and running errands...so I probably won't do much walking today either.

We haven't given up the things we like (like chocolate stars...just eat 10 at a time ONCE per day if I even buy any at all).  Dan had his rhubarb pie but he gained a pound this week.  If we don't have Cheerios for breakfast, then Dan fries up a sausage patty for each of us, one egg each and he puts his on a sour dough English muffin and I have a slice of toast.  We each drink a glass of that V-8 Fusion..the one that has a serving of fruit and vegetables in it.  We like the peach mango.  I was going to get Snicker's ice cream bars today, but didn't have time to go to the $ Store so I got a package of 6 waffle cone ice cream treats with caramel and chocolate.

And I guess the biggest thing we have done (other than more exercise) is to make to have all of our eating done 3 hours before bed time.  That isn't always possible if we are waiting to close the office at 9 p.m. and then have a snack (like the ice cream treats)...I'm not staying up till midnight just to make sure I was done eating 3 hours before bed time.

If another 15 pounds goes away, I'll be thrilled but right now I am happy that I was able to take off 30 pounds without feeling like I was on a diet.  I DO need to replace my new jeans with some smaller ones but I'm going to wait on that till the fall, just in case I do take off more weight.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!


  1. Sounds like good portion control and it's definitely working for you! Good job!!

  2. Jeanette, thanks!!! It is so worth doing! I just never felt motivated before.


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