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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


“They” say knowledge is power.

First of all, just who is “they”??

Second, I HAVE POWER THIS MORNING AND I’M GOING TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!! I learned from my mistakes and figure you might as well too.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM MIRROR (OR ANY MIRROR) WITH KA-BOOM!!! I inadvertently grabbed the wrong bottle this a.m. and sprayed it on our 4’ mirror in the bathroom. As soon as the odor of the spray reached my nose, I realized it was NOT the Windex.

I promptly proceeded to attempt to wipe it off and as I am wiping, my mirror started SMOKING! I kid you not!!! I was expecting the spirit of Harry Blackstone, the famous magician, to appear before my eyes! My MIRROR smoked!! All of this even before a cup of coffee (which is probably the blame for the whole incident).

Unless you are into creating illusions and are practicing voodoo in your bathroom, do NOT use the Ka-Boom as a cleaner for your mirrors! I have no idea what it would do to windows and don’t care to find out!

And while we are talking about Ka-Boom and these up-to-the-minute cleaners, I want to share some Product Information with you.

First, there was ZAP! It does a great job of cleaning but it sucked the oxygen out of the air for a distance of about 4 miles above the earth’s surface. That meant small planes, overhead, could loose power. It was also good for turning rubber gloves into sticky, gooey, ooze. Instructions tell you to use in a well ventilated area, which is hard to do when a shower is normally 3’x3’.

Then came KA-BOOM! Another powerful cleaner, and the potency wasn’t quite as bad; you could breathe as long as you had a breathing tube connected to the outside world. Now there is BAM! I haven’t tried it yet so no personal observations.

What I DO want to know is, with ZAP, KA-BOOM and now BAM, when will ZOWIE and SWISH be on the shelves?? I mean, the makers of these products HAD to have hired a retired writer from the old Batman and Robin series. Where else would they come up with the names for these products!


  1. LOL! So true! I make my own all purpose and window cleaner so maybe I should start naming mine something like Shazam! or Bash!

  2. Jeanette, I bet yours doesn't smoke, right?? LOL!


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