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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


This big chunk of the photo should help out.

Remember the other day when the alarm went off for no reason?  Last night I did set it ON PURPOSE to go off at 4:45 this morning.  Dan has to be at the VA in Iron Mountain at 9:00 a.m.  I'm sure they would have made it a lot earlier if they opened a lot earlier.  While we are grateful for the VA care, sometimes we think they try to get back at the Vets by making appointments early in the morning for the ones who have to drive the furthest.  The VA USE to let Dan have ONE fee basis appointment per  year with a dermatologist to have precancerous lesions burned off.  It was a lot closer to go to Cheboygan than the 3 hour drive to Iron Mountain.  But due to the VA budget they aren't doing that anymore.  At least he gets reimbursed mileage.

So, the alarm went off and Dan got up to shut it off.  I purposely have it on the other side of the room so one of us can't reach over and hit the snooze button.  It was still dark, but the alarm has 4" tall bright blue numbers so it is usually fairly easy to see.  I asked Dan to please make sure it was shut off because I didn't want a surprise in 15 minutes while he was in the shower.  It wasn't shut off so I had to get up.  I'd planned on getting up eventually before he left, but hadn't planned on it being that early.

I didn't get my Snicker's ice cream bars yesterday.  I had to go to the Family Dollar store before I did my grocery shopping.  I needed to get a new wastebasket for the Little Lodge and a few other items.  So, I noticed in their cooler they had those ice cream bars for $4.50 for a pack of 6.  I didn't dare get them then because I still had errands to run before going to the store.  I figured I'd get them at the store...wrong.  They didn't have them!  So I bought a small container of Kemps yogurt Chocolate Caramel brownie ice cream.  We had some of that last night.  It wasn't nearly as good as what I had my mouth set for, but it was better than not having anything!!

I sent Dan off armed with a list of things to pick up at Wal-mart that we can't get here (or at least not as cheaply).  One of the things that we can't get here IS that Arnold's 100% whole wheat bread.  As I said before, it is GOOD...and it isn't that expensive.  And we can't get a big frozen bag of pork sausage patties.  They are Wal-Mart brand, but we like them and we don't eat them more than a couple times a week so a couple of packages will last us a while.  They are pre-cooked so it doesn't take long to fry them up.  He also wants to get some kind of a jack for the new mower so it is easy to clean the deck.  Our other big mower, you just lift up the deck and flip it up and you can get to it to clean it.  This one has to be up on blocks to clean it.  So, instead of that he's getting some kind of a jack...if he doesn't forget!

I have been surprised that the bugs haven't been that bad with all of the rain we've had.  They can be pesky, but not to the point you can't be outside.  I haven't had to put bug dope on yet and I've been carting my mosquito net around with me when I mow or walk just in case.  I WAS going to set on the deck last night and try to get a photo or two of a new guest at the feeders...a female and a male indigo bunting.  THAT was when the bugs became an issue.  I'm sitting there with my lens out as far as it will go and swatting bugs.  I was afraid I was going to injure my camera so I gave up.

However, yesterday I bought one of those clip on bug repellant things and didn't even think about trying it last night.  I'll have to give it a go and see if it really works.

So, back to the photo..what is your guess?


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    some kind of insect legs?

  2. That's a good guess, but not it.

  3. I will guess a fish carcuss??

  4. I'm not certain what the photo is but I'm dying to find out - lol! I'll have to try that wheat bread you mentioned - I can never seem to find the right brand.

  5. Cathie, not a fish carcass.

    Shelley, I'm glad that you are dying to find out! I was hoping people weren't "bored" by this whole thing.
    That bread is really good and it is NOT costly. It is even recommended by dieticians. They make oatmeal bread too.


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