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Thursday, May 05, 2011


I normally don't take Dan with me for my Dr appointments.  Actually, I'm pretty lucky in the fact that I usually have just one doctor appointment per year.  At that time, I have all my lab work done and wait for the results to come back by pony express.

When I had my annual appointment with the Doc last September and he got the results of my cholesterol  back, he told me that he was concerned about my LDL.  My cholesterol was 176, my triglycerides were in the low 90's, but my LDL was a bit high and my HDL was a bit low.  He didn't want to change my meds knowing that I would be gone through the winter and he couldn't monitor me.

We agreed that when we returned in the spring, I would have my labs done again and see if there was any improvement.  I figured I'd get more exercise than what I do in the summer (because I'm in the office and don't get out much...except once in a while to mow).  And then there is that 17 pounds that I lost while we were in Georgia. (and lost another 2 last week)  We try to eat healthy and don't go over board with the treats and snacks.  Maybe once a week we will splurge.  So, I really figured with all that we had done RIGHT this winter, my numbers would be good.

WRONG....everything is up slightly!  My cholesterol is at 196 and it hasn't been that high in years, but the LDL is up a bit and my HDL is down a bit.  NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS AT ALL.

And if that isn't enough to frost my rice cakes, he wants to talk about my low WBC.  He feels that it is time I see a hematologist (polite word for oncologist) again.  It has been 3 years since the I saw the last one and with all the tests HE ran on me, he concluded that I have idiopathic neutropenia...which means they don't know why in the hell my WBC is 1.3 or sometimes up to 1.5.  Normal is 4. and above.

So, I have an appointment on the 12th at 8:45 a.m.  Due to my low WBC, as soon as I get there, they put me in a room so I don't have to chance being in the waiting area with any sick people...I guess this is ONE advantage to this whole thing.  Ya know how you have to wait to see the Dr most of the time.  I may sit in a room for about 15 minutes before seeing him.  This time I'm taking Dan with me.

I really don't want to go through all of those tests again.  So, I guess we'll have some decisions to make when we see my Dr. This is something I have had hanging over my head since 2004 and I've seen all kinds of "ologists" and no one can find anything wrong, which is GOOD.  But I can't help but always wonder about it, even with a diagnosis of idiopathic neutropenia.

So, that is what is going on right now.   That and getting ready to open on the 13th!  HOPE TO SEE YA THIS SUMMER!!!


  1. Wishing you the best of treatments for your condition. Of course I had to do a little research and this link has oodles of info.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  2. Jan on 44610:55 AM

    I'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.
    I know how hard it is not to worry. I decided not to worry until I knew what I had to worry about a few years ago and had six cancer spots removed over a 7 year time span(the most recent was yesterday). Won't have those results back for a couple of weeks. So until then, live and enjoy life.
    By the way, I lost all my email address and don't have the one you asked me to send email to. Please resend.

  3. Gary H./ Battle Creek12:21 PM

    DR, DR GIVE ME THE NEWS"......Hughey Lewis and the News. Hope all goes and ends well with your check-up.

  4. Cher, I appreciate the research and I did check out the link you included. That was one website I hadn't found yet in all of my searching, so thanks.

    Jan, I hope you get excellent test results back! Now, you'll have to let me know what you find out. You can email me at cclementz@lighthouse.net or

    Gary, you got that one...but there is another one that is still showing up on this page....

  5. Hope all is well. The not knowing and having to worry about what you don't know is the worst! Take care. I will be thinking of you. Hugs,


  6. I will be hoping the best for you, my friend!

  7. Sandy, it has been so long of "not knowing" that I try not to think about it...but it is always there on my mind. There are even support groups for people who have idiopathic neutronpenia. And support groups for their families. I'm beginning to think maybe this all stems from when I finally was able to go of my HRT.

    Retired one, thanks!!


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