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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last week, Dan had an appointment with his VA Dr.

Since we weren’t too far from the Soo, we decided to do some shopping. We had sticker shock when we returned home this spring from Georgia and went to one of our Newberry grocery stores.  We vowed that if we could get to a Wal-Mart we would stock up on some of those things.

For example; a HUGE box of Honey-Nut Cheerios is $3.97 at Wal-Mart. A SMALL box locally is $3.67.

For example; a bottle of the V-8 Fusion Vegetable and fruit juice is $2.97 at Wal-Mart and is over $4.00 locally.

For example; we cannot get the Arnold Whole Wheat Bread locally (which we found at Wal-Mart while down south this winter and LOVED it) but we can get it at Wal-Mart for $1.79. There isn’t any kind of bread you can buy in our local store for that price. AND THIS IS GOOD BREAD!

Things like mayo and salad dressings are more expensive locally. We do our best to support our local businesses but sometimes if the opportunity is there to save some money, we will seize that opportunity. We won’t drive 76 miles one way though to “save” money. We have to have a reason to be in that area before we would stock up on certain items.

So, at the same time as we were trying to get into the parking lot at Wal-Mart some man on his cell phone, apparently texting, pulled right out in front of us and another car. Even with horns blaring from both sides, he didn’t even seem to notice!

While shopping in Wal-Mart it seemed every grocery aisle had someone on a cell phone asking about “what do you want for supper”, “which brand should I get”, “do you want the 14 ounce can or the big can”. WHAT THE HELL DID THESE SHOPPERS DO BEFORE THE CELL PHONE? GO TO A PAYPHONE AND CALL WITH THESE QUESTIONS???

THEN, I needed to use the restroom. There appeared to be only one other person in the women’s room and she was talking to herself while seated on the throne. Then she was laughing heartily. I figured my safest bet was to get in a stall away from her and hope she left before I did. She finally said “Well, I’m glad you caught me here. I’ve been on the go all day and seems the only place anyone can get me is in the bathroom.” Then she said her goodbyes, finished what she REALLY came into the restroom for (at least I IMAGINE the real reason she came into the restroom was to USE it, not to get a good signal). She was on her cell phone while seated on the china throne (sounds like the opening lyrics to a country song, huh?)

We were ready to check out and of course tried to find the shortest line….and realized after we were in line and someone was behind us that the person in front of us was S L O W L Y unloading HIS groceries one handed and sometimes pausing in between taking things from his cart because HE WAS ON HIS CELL PHONE!!

Eventually, we were checked out and started towards the door. There was a mother and her teen age daughter in front of us. The daughter was on her pretty pink phone, the mother was pushing her cart. We were almost at the door to leave (in fact the automatic door had opened) and the mother’s cell phone rang. SHE STOPPED DEAD IN HER TRACKS TO ANSWER THE DAMN THING! She was right in the middle of it all so no one could get around her. I finally said “Excuse me, but we’d like to leave and you are blocking the exit!”

From there we decided to go to Applebee’s for lunch. We prefer a booth so we were seated in the area with booths and tables. At the booth behind us was a loudmouth on HIS cell phone and at the table beside us was a loudmouth NOT on his cell phone, but talking so loudly with his lunch companion that everyone had to have heard the conversation. Not once did we hear anything out of the companion (male). And the loud mouth’s conversation was all about how many millions of dollars it was going to take to finish the project and how hard he’d been working on it..blah, blah, blah… Between the two of these people, Dan and I really could not talk to each other without shouting.

So, I can now put ‘INCONSIDERATE CELL PHONE USERS’ at the top of my list of things that REALLY irritate me!


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    If you decide to keep shopping at Walmart at the expense of your local grocer then you will have to deal with the cell phone crowd more often when Rahilly's closes and you have to drive to da Soo to get stuff. There are less cell phone jockies in Newberry since neither Verizon or At&T work worth a crap in that area. Like you, it is hard not to shop for the deals at Walmart and Sams but we do need to support the local businesses. I have observed that Newberry stores have some pretty good prices on certain things but not others. i like good prices as much as the next guy but look at what has already happened. 41 Lumber would still be there if not for the Menards and Lowes. Our buying decisions matter to our neighbors who we might need to pull us out of a ditch.

  2. Anonymous, I think possibly you missed part of my post; I will not drive 76 miles one way to save a few bucks. If I happen to be in the Soo and there are things I need that I can get there for $2.00less per item, I will get them. IT DOES NOT MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE TO DRIVE OUT OF MY WAY TO SHOP. I have even, at times, gotten some items like milk or bread at one of the local gas stations. I don't drive from store to store or gas station to gas station even IN Newberry to try to get a better deal. I will continue to do all my MAJOR shopping locally. I have for 20 years and will continue to do so. We're a local business too and it is hard for US to compete with the two State Parks that we are "between", so I DO know how difficult the competition can be. I hope I have cleared it up a bit.


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