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Thursday, April 21, 2011


First, thanks Jan for posting your problems (in a comment)..  I'm assuming you also have WB.

Our business and our neighbors business rely  heavily on the internet and email.  We are on it all day long so we probably notice these problems a lot sooner than others who might not be on it as long or as often.  So when others notice a little slowness or pages not loading, you don't think much of it.

I have checked my router; logged into my router and looked for down time.  I have hooked up directly to my modem and by-passed the router.  Nothing is working.

We need MORE people to call WB and tell them they are having issues too.  The toll free # is 888-700-0175.

We don't have any choice where we are; it is WB or dial up!  And I mean that IS it; we do not have fiber optics in our area so no DSL, no Charter for internet.



  1. would it do any good for someone who doesn't have that style of internet to call....i am pretty good at "catching flies with vinegar" so to speak...my mom in law always has me call charter when we are having issues....I would gladly call in and complain for you if you think it will do any good!

  2. Amy, I appreciate it (in fact the neighborhood appreciates it), but WB rep would ask your phone number so they could check your "beam" to the stars. Then they would tell you to do all these things to your router if you told them you were calling for someone else.

  3. BTW, we have NO fiber optics out this way, so NO DSL. Charter provides cable TV but NO interent service....


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