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Thursday, April 28, 2011


With the nasty rainy weather, we have really gotten behind on what we had hoped to have done by now.  But at least our weather isn't like what is going on down south.  Boy are those people getting it!  Office buildings completely gone in Alabama, floods in Ky and Tn.  It is really sad how devastating this weather has been...and it's been this way since winter.

We need to get the 5th wheel completely cleaned inside and out because it goes into storage on May 9th and won't see the light of day until mid September (yes, you know I'm counting the days!!).

Dan still hopes to start a garden.  We realize it is still to early here, but even at that we might get snow next week!  ISN'T NEXT WEEK MAY??  Oh, well, I remember mowing grass over Memorial Day and it was snowing!!  Hard to believe I use to mow all this property with our little John Deere and now we've got two 60" mowers.  There will be no excuse for grass mowing this year!

I'm still loving the heck out of that long, squishy pillow!  If Dan snores too loudly, I just pull the other end up over my head!  I thought that would be nicer than me putting it across his face.

I got my hair cut REALLY short and I LOVE it (since I can't have it long and curly anymore!).  It's kind of like Jamie Lee Curtis's do, only mine isn't spiky on top...and it isn't gray, yet!

And I am stuck in a rut!  While we were gone, I managed to lose 17 pounds!  I didn't even know I'd lost weight until the day Dan made the comment about getting some new jeans and stop wearing those baggy-assed jeans.  I finally got nerve to get on the scales that day and I had lost 8 pounds...and didn't know how I managed it.  Well, I managed to lose another 9 pounds before we came  home...and I am stuck there.  The only thing I'm doing different than when we were gone is NOT getting the exercise I was getting...it has been TOO nasty to take walks.  I am weighing myself once a week and try to do it by 6:30 a.m. (Dr Oz said that is the best time to weigh yourself), so I won't know till Sunday if what little exercise we got this week with the wood pile has helped or not.  Now that I've managed to lose some weight, I really do want to keep at it!  Do any of you have digital scales, and if so, do you like them more than the traditional scales?  And now that I have told all of you about it, that will also be incentive to keep going!

Reservations are coming in at a pretty good rate.  I have been surprised at that because of the price of fuel.  I've had one cancellation so far (2 months ago) due to the price of fuel, but that can change!  I meant the # of reservations cancelled can change...we already know the price of fuel can change...daily if not hourly!

One new thing that we are doing for our guests this year is investing in new wifi equipment through Tengonet.  We're hoping we'll be able to provide better service to our guests while at the same time protecting our limited bandwidth.  Tengonet is the largest supplier of wifi in the hospitality industry.  Once my new router arrives, I have to hook it up, call the company and then they will help me program it and my two computers.  This way I can monitor whomever is on line, when they are online, how long they are online, etc.  Since we offer free wifi for our guests, I most likely will go with the coupon option instead of a pass word.  I'm not quite sure how that works  yet, but something like this; I will print out a coupon for the person who wants wifi access, it will have a special code on it just for them (this is all tied into the program I have to put on my computer).  There is some way, not sure how this works either, that I can set the amount of bandwidth each person can use but it won't affect MY two computers.  I am really excited about this.  I hated to spend that kind of money, but you have NO idea how difficult some campers are in regards to getting online...and if they don't have a computer, they are trying to access it from their cell phones.  Which I don't have an issue with that, but that is normally the kids and they are normally using big chunks of time.   And last year, I was handing out what I called "wifi etiquette" sheets...asking guests to refrain from skyping, downloading books, music, etc.  Now I won't have to do that.  WHEW...that will be a big relief.

Oh, and our Wild Blue Satellite internet issues??? I guess we're blaming that all on solar flares.  It is better, but not speedy yet!

So, I guess that's about it from da U.P!  How goes it in your corner of the world??

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