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Saturday, April 23, 2011


As I've mentioned before, Dan doesn't like my "Tootsie roll of a pillow" and "why don't you get a decent pillow?".  We've had several of those conversations in the past 18 months.

I've tried all kinds of pillows and still didn't find anything that didn't give me a headache/neck ache.  I'd wake up with a roaring headache and a neck ache.  I finally found out over a year ago, if I used one of those very soft, cheap, decorative bolster pillows (that came with our first 5th wheel), I could sleep and not be in pain!

I have used those till they ARE about flat.  But it still beat feeling so badly during the night and into the morning.

But, when we were staying downstate this month with my sister and brother in law, she let me try one of his new pillows.  It is only about 12" long and maybe 10" around and is filled with little "microbeads".  I LOVED it, but wished it was longer!

When we got home, I found a place (online naturally) that sells them in 46" lengths!!  HOO-RAY!!!  So I ordered one for me and a short one to replace the one my brother in law let me use.

I LOVE THIS PILLOW!  I can curl up to it, wear it around my neck, hang it across Dan's face if I don't need to use all of it....it is fantastic!!!

So, here are the photos of which I speak (assuming WB is going to cooperate long enough to post them).

The first photo is of my Tootsie roll.  You reallly can't see how flat it has become.

The 2nd photo is of my NEW PILLOW!!!!  See what I mean about wrapping it around me or putting it across Dan's face!
 And this is my Gumbe shot!  That's what it reminds me of...


  1. Jan on 44610:57 AM

    Love the quilt!! Is it yours? I think I'll be making another one soon (or should I say, "I'll start making another one soon")?
    Glad the new pillow is working for you!

  2. Jan, yes that is our quilt on our bed. My sister made that for us. She was/is quite the quilter (when she has time). Our WB seems to be working better, but the upload and downloads are terrible speed.

  3. Very cool...I struggle with pillows too..maybe I should give one of these a shot!

  4. Retired One, I'm very glad I found it. I have purchased so many expensive pillows over the years trying to find the right one, and this one IS IT!


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